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high arches(3 posts)

high archesspencer
Aug 29, 2001 5:23 AM
Does anyone have high arches that cause pain during cycling. I've heard you can tape them up, or use some type of arch compression strap (I know Sidi makes one). Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Taping High Archeswink
Aug 29, 2001 6:42 AM
You got to get a special tape called "Elastoplat"; basically it is strechy medical adhesive tape. You will only find it at medical supply shops. Use three 3 1/4" strips on each foot between the ball and the heel. Place the first one behind the ball of the foot and start from the outside of the foot. Put a little stretch on it and pull to the inside of the foot arch. Overlap the next one by a half inch and repeat - same with the third piece. You may want to get some of the spray pre-tape to help take the sharpness off of the removal. Email me if want me to elaborate, but this should help tremendously.
Try this....DINOSAUR
Aug 29, 2001 11:55 AM
Try using over the counter arch supports such as Dr. Scholls. Sold in most drug stores with foot care products. Leather with foam backed base. Cheap method, just slap them in your cycling shoes and leave them there...