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Phlebitis(2 posts)

Aug 28, 2001 10:07 PM
Had a bout with it a couple of weeks ago, haven't ridden since. Anyone with experience in this area, How was your recovery? I plan to try a few miles on Saturday.
re: PhlebitisAkirasho
Aug 29, 2001 3:47 AM
I'm assumming that you're under the care of a physician...

I had the real kewl kind earlier this year... deep vein thrombophlebitis with a big ole clot diagnosed by palpation and ultrasound... resolved with anti coagulants and lots of rest.

In my case, I was restricted to a stationary trainer (30 to 45 minute sessions) for about a month (off work for over 2 months)... luckily this occured early in the year and it's impact on my early season was minimal.

Today, I still have residual swelling of the lower extremity and pain in my foot (initially, the pain started in the groin and moved to the calf over a period of days). I'm going for an EMG test for possible nerve damage next week.

Aside from being on Coumadin for a while, I was only limited by pain as to my physical activity... Since the cause was resolved, I've not experienced the original pain in 8 months. While the cause of the cause was never determined, my Doc saw no reason to continue the Coumadin therapy (otherwise healthy 45 year old male)... and my cycling season has proceeded in a fairly positive fashion. My only real restrictions are for work... no standing or sitting for more than 2 hours in an 8 hour period... and my current symptoms only present themselves when I stand for a while... never a problem cycling.

Again, heed your physician's advice based on your specific diagnosis... this was just my personal experience... yours may vary.

Good luck and...

Be the bike.