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Seat bag bloat(20 posts)

Seat bag bloatbianchi boy
Aug 28, 2001 7:34 PM
My seat bag is getting ridiculous and definitely needs to go on a diet. But I can't figure out what to throw out. It all seems so important. Here's what I carry: spare tube, inflator with three CO2 cartridges, tube repair kit, very small cable lock, two plastic tire tools, plastic coin holder, Topeak Alien toolkit, and my wallet. The Alien is probably the heaviest item and my wallet the bulkiest. I rarely ever use the toolkit, but it's sure nice to have when you need it. I'd like to ditch the wallet, but figure that all my IDs, health insurance info and credit cards would be indispensible if I ever get hit by a car or wreck.

What do all you weight-weenies do without this stuff? I see guys all the time riding with no seat bags at all. Don't you ever need to fix a flat, do some roadside repairs or buy anything? Just curious ...
re: Seat bag bloatCyclingWolf
Aug 28, 2001 7:52 PM
I had one on my bike until my LBS started some fun ribbing about it.."They sold it to me" (Grin) I now carry my spare tube, levers,
patch kit in my jersey pouch in a zip lock bag and have very small frame pump that attaches to the side of my water bottle cage. I leave my Alien in my Mtn, Bike Seat bag as I have yet to need it on the road...I know famous last words. Looking at going to CO2 soon!
re: Seat bag bloatLLSmith
Aug 29, 2001 1:28 AM
I made copies of my ins. card and drivers license. Covered them both with laminated tape. Do you need the lock while riding? Why the plastic coin holder? Could you just stick in a few dollar bills?
good ideasbianchi boy
Aug 29, 2001 4:27 AM
I hadn't thought to make laminated copies of my IDs. The lock actually is pretty small and light, but I really don't need it. It's just one of those things that nice to have if you ever have to leave your bike unattended somewhere suspicious. I carry the coin holder with just a few dimes and quarters in case I ever need to make a call from a pay phone -- although they are getting pretty scarce these days.
for those worried about weightRusty
Aug 29, 2001 6:59 AM
quarters weigh less than comparable smaller change. Nickels are very heavy for what they buy. So are pennies.
re: Seat bag bloatdavidl
Aug 29, 2001 5:10 AM
When I got my seat bag the guy at the lbs talked me into the smallest one they had. It contains a spare tube, the smallest free patch kit I have, three plastic tire irons [two would do, really], $3-$4 in bills, and an allen wrench that fits the seat post and just about everything else. I think I'll laminate the Drivers license and insurance card though so they won't have to id me with dental records or dna.
Do you use your jersey pockets??PaulCL
Aug 29, 2001 5:14 AM
In my very tiny bag goes:
4 CO2 cartridges
about $4 in singles + laminate ID + med info
chain tool
house key

In my pocket goes:
food (gu, powerbars, etc)
CO2 inflator
spare tube
repair kit with 2 quarters and schrader/presta converter
...and on longer, solo rides..a cell phone in a plastic bag

same, but cut out the change and walletHaiku d'état
Aug 29, 2001 5:29 AM
i carry the same in my small seatpack, and it's stuffed:

-co2 inflator

-3 12oz cartridges

-topeak alien

-park spoke wrench

-2 tire tools

-patch kit--the glue kind, removed from package, stuffed in ziploc snack baggie

-a few dollars in cash

and in my jersey pocket, on shorter rides:

-2 epinephrine auto-injectors :-)


-driver's license, medical insurance card, auto insurance card


on longer rides, in hydration pack:

-extra cleat

-extra cable

-extra food/drink mix

-fresh headwear (do-rag or cap)

-bandana in a ziplog baggie

rather be caught with stuff i don't need than need it and be without.
re: Seat bag bloatTig
Aug 29, 2001 5:36 AM
I downsized my bag with the cool Pedro's bag (made partially with recycled innertubes). It contains 1 tube, old driver's license with important numbers on the back, 3 plastic tire tools (1 has duct tape wrapped around it for a boot), mini spoke wrench, a Z-shaped hex wrench, a mini phillips screwdriver for cleats, a few dollars and 2 quarters, some strips of innertubes for backup tire boots. NO multi tool needed. I've never needed amything other than the above tools in 14 years of road riding. I have one in the MTB bag though!

2 tubes velcroed together in a jersey pocket. If the Camelbak is used, there's another spare tube in there. Why so many tubes? It's nice to have too many. Sometimes I'll lend one out to an unfortunate rider in need. Having a few more while on a long ride is a must! I also strap a foldable tire to the seat pack. That comes from wisdom gained from experience! I also carry a small baggie in a jesrsy pocket with latex gloves, a CPR mini mask, some minor first aid stuff, etc. I'm not a paramedic anymore, but I like to help a downed rider when needed.
Don't like bulging jersey pockets, either!CRM
Aug 29, 2001 5:50 AM
I went from a seat bag to jersey pockets and back to a seat bag. I like the clean look of the bike without a seat bag so I started carrying everything in my jersey pockets. After a while, I really grew to dislike the feeling of those bulging pockets so I put the seat bag back on. I try to stick to the bare minimum, though.

In the seat bag: one tube, tire levers, CO2 and inflator head, very small multi-tool, and a couple of dollars. In the jersey pockets: one gel, kleenex, sunglasses bag for cleaning the lenses.

I never thought about bringing ID or my insurance card before. I like the idea of laminating copies and just sticking them in there and forgetting about it.
Coins are goodAlpedhuez55
Aug 29, 2001 6:27 AM
Coins are good!!! You can tape a few of quarters together so they don't rattle and keep a few singles in your bag. Coins will come in handy if you need to hit a vending machine that wont take dollars or make a phone call. If you get stuck you can avoid the cost of a collect call and help put an end to those annoying Carrot Top and Mr. T commercials.

For a light weight multitool, try the Rtichey CPR4. For only $4 it is a pair ot tire levers with a screwdriver, 8,9 & 10 mm socket and 5&6 mm hex wrenches built in. These handle most situations you will run into. It also beats carrying a heavy multi tool. I will also carry a small chain tool, CO2 inflator w/extra cartridges, tube, patch kit and Presta Adapter in case I need to use a gas station air hose.

I will also keep a crash kit small ziploc bag with my copies of my Insurance card and ID, some benedryl, advil, band aids, wetnaps and some burn ointment & alcohol wipes I lifted from the first aid kit at work. A whistle can come in handy too.

This all fits into a small seat bag.
re: Seat bag bloatPegLeg
Aug 29, 2001 6:38 AM
Seat Bag: 1 Tube, Patch Kit, a few assorted tie straps, 2 plastic tire irons, allen wrench set, blackburn combo/multi type tool, photo copy of drivers license and insurance card, cell phone, dollars bills

On Bike: Frame pump, 2 water bottles, duct tape and electrical tape wrapped around bottles

In Jersey pockets: powerbars, bananas, etc.
What I carryRusty
Aug 29, 2001 7:04 AM
1 spare tubular, pre-glued (usually old, lightweight latex-tube Vittoria 19mm)
1 frame pump, Blackburn
1 multi-tool
1 tubular repair kit (needle, thread, 2 rema patches, small glue tube, piece of sandpaper)-gotta have a back-up!
1 cone wrench
1 plastic shopping bag, stuffed into film container
re: Seat bag bloatbikedodger
Aug 29, 2001 7:12 AM
I used to carry a few $1s, but the one time I needed to buy a tube and rim tape (the rubber tape had broken, I now use Velox) it came to more than I had. I now carry a $10 bill (lighter that the ones) and figure it will get me most emergency stuff.

One thing that I am surprised was not mentioned by anyone else was a small tube of sun screen. On longer rides, I need to re-apply as it washes or rubs off during the ride, even the water proof stuff eventually disappears.
yup, sun screen AND a&d/bag balm/etc., rides > 80 miles NMHaiku d'état
Aug 29, 2001 7:32 AM
My Bag...Andy M-S
Aug 29, 2001 7:51 AM
Spare tube, patch kit ($2.50 in bills and change stuffed into that). Single tire lever (QuikStik). Energy bar. Temporarily, (I'm dialing stuff in) a Park folding hex-wrench kit.

For ID purposes, a medical information tag on a chain around my neck.

And to make the first couple of items useful, a Zefal hpX pump under the top tube.
Cut out one tire lever two CO2s and coin holderChris Zeller
Aug 29, 2001 7:56 AM
I never use more than one tire lever to change a tire--I even used a cone wrench last time since I didn't have one (not recommended if you want to patch the old tube). This won't save much however.

You probably won't flat both tires so 1 co2 is enough. If you must carry more than one co2 a minipump is lighter. Infinite supply.

The coin holder is unnecessary. Just tape a few quarters together as others suggest.

You could substitute the wallet for:
1 extra credit card only for this--you get applications every day in the mail just keep one in your pack.
Photocopy of your insurance card
one or two $20s for emergency

You could substitute the tire for an ultralight tube as I do. 1/2 the bulk. Or just go with patches and chance it.

I carry:
ultrtalight tube 2 patches--don't weigh anything
1 tire lever
spare credit card, photocopy, cash--I would call collect home

My camelback has:
mini first aid kit
Gu--more important in getting me home than a spare tube!
On a training ride, weight is your friend.Retro
Aug 29, 2001 8:08 AM
I have a canvas Carradice bag as big as a carry-on, into which I stick whatever suits my fancy, including spare jerseys, a Sunday San Francisco Chronicle, couple of oranges, power bars, anything that occurs to me. Plus whatever combination tool I can find (I buy them all the time, thinking This Is Finally The One), a spare tube, whatever.
That's for everyday riding around and most training rides, when all that weight makes you stronger. If I'm trying to go fast, I buy the newspaper when I get to the coffee shop.
But, seriously, I don't leave anything behind that I might need. It's pretty common where I live to be 5-10 miles from anything resembling help, and carrying a cell phone defeats one of the purposes for which I ride ("Mommy, come get me, I'm throoooo..."). And what's the harm of having an extra pound or three on the bike when you're riding for fitness anyway?
I wont have a seat bag on my bike.Thioderek
Aug 29, 2001 8:14 AM
This is what I carried in my pockets on my 230 mile ride:

1 tire lever
2 tubes
1 small pump
2 cliff bars
plastic sandwich bag with id, money, phone
mp3 player for the ferry ride
1 park multi tool

I did fine with just these items.

I want bulging out in the back. Everything fit quite nicely.

My .02
3 CO2 cartridges?Live Steam
Aug 29, 2001 12:48 PM
Get rid of at least one. One tire lever usually does the trick unless you have beaded tires. Your ID, money, etc can go in a small plastic bag in a rear jersey pocket. Be honest, how often do you use that lock? :-) The patch kit could be considered redundant and expendable. If you group ride the patch kit is certainly a dispensible extra.