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First road bike? pls suggest(9 posts)

First road bike? pls suggestvmj
Aug 28, 2001 7:41 AM
Looking for some suggestions on a first road bike. I've noticed that my mtb gets much more use on-road than off-road. I've ridden ~1500 miles in the last year and would like to up that (hopefully at least 3000), and maybe ride a century or two next year. I'm 5'11" and ~180lbs.

Budget is ~2500, but the less it costs - the easier it is to part with the cash. I've basically ruled out aluminum, and am leaning toward steel (and slightly leaning towards Campy) - but nothing's set in stone.

I'm a road-bike newbie, but know enough not to buy one without a test-ride. Problem is, I'll have to drive to Atlanta (about 160 miles; know any good bike shops in ATL?) to find a shop that actually has road bikes in stock.

re: First road bike? pls suggestBeauVelo
Aug 28, 2001 8:06 AM

First for under 2500 you have a TON of bikes to choose from. If you are looking only at steel frames, in my opinion the Reynolds 853 frame found on models such as the Lemond Zurich, is a great frame. Smooth, comfortable, not as light as others but still reasonable. Plus the Zurich will put you below your price range with some room to spare, thus giving you the ability to buy pedals, shoes, more clothes, or just save money.

Also why have you ruled out Aluminum? Just test ride one to make sure you really don't like the feel of it. Most likely you will be at a Bike Shop that sells a steel frame or a Aluminum so just try both. Especially for within that price range you might be able to find a good price on the Trek 5200 (carbon fiber) frame and then just test ride the Trek 2300 (full Ultegra, Alum) while you are at it.

The bottom line there are so many bikes within the price range that you just need to start test riding. Start of with a Zurich though, it's full Ultegra, rolf vectors, 853 frame or even the Buenos Aeros.

Just my .02
re: First road bike? pls suggestJammin
Aug 28, 2001 8:27 AM
I got a killer deal on an 01 Lemond Zurich (list $1899 -- paid $1425) and blew the rest on shoes $180, pedals $130, computer and so on. It doesn't take long to blow $2500 when you have all the accessories to buy also. The Zurich rocks!! by the way. The Trek 2300 is also a nice ride!
Aug 28, 2001 8:50 AM
Aluminum is nice and light. I'm not bashing it at all since I've owned 3 Cannondales and have a Trek now. The 2200/2300 frame isn't all that light for aluminum, nor is it very comfy. It's quick and responds well to hard pedaling though. For the same price range, I wish I bought something else.

For steel check out the Serotta Colorado III , or the Road Logic from Ritchey . These are among the best steel frames available without going broke. The Serotta CSI is a little nicer and is custom fitted, but the price goes up with such pleasures. Never forget the Colnago Master XL or other high quality steel frames like Lemond or Waterford.
re: First road bike? pls suggestMel Erickson
Aug 28, 2001 8:25 AM
You can get one fine ride for $2500, even including pedals, shoes and other misc. equipment you can't use from your MTB. Everyone will tell you fit is the most important. You can do everything from employing a Fit Kit fitting to a ride around the parking lot. I wouldn't rule out any frame material but base my judgement on ride, function, aesthetics and price. For, say, $2200 ($2500 minus accessories) you could even go custom, however I wouldn't recommend it for your first road bike. As your first bike you might want to consider a somewhat less costly one so you can spend a year or two figuring out what you like/dislike. A 1-2 year old bike should be easy to resell, you could expect about 50% of the original price, and you could use the proceeds and money saved from the original purchase to buy the bike you really want, because now you know what you want. You might also buy a bike with a good upgradeable frame and moderately priced components (Shimano 105 or Campy Daytona) and upgrade as you learn more about your likes/dislikes. I think you're right about going to a shop but you should have an idea what you want before you go in. Shops are great resources for fit, service and sometimes parts but my experience has been they have a tendency to push what they have in stock, so watch out there. Unfortunately can't advise on Atlanta shops.
re: pls suggestBreezydz
Aug 28, 2001 9:14 AM
Amen. For a little over half the money you could get a Fuji Roubaix Pro or a LeMond Buenos Aires and probably many other similar high quality rides. Few people find the bike of their dreams the first time out. If you bank the difference you'll have a few extra bucks to spend on the frame you'll really want in a couple of years.
re: First road bike? pls suggestbadabill
Aug 28, 2001 9:29 AM
At $2500 there are a ton of bikes out there. I would plan on spending less than 2 grand and using the rest for extras. Pick a day to drive to Atlanta and spend all day riding as many bikes as you can. Hit all the shops you can. In the end pick the bike and shop that you are most comfortable with. Steel is a great ride, but ride ALU and carbon also, and ride a titainium bike also. Really concentrate on fit, if you find a shop that really takes the time to fit you go with them. You should be able to make a great deal now with end of year sales.
If you have not ruled out alum...Wannabe
Aug 28, 2001 9:45 AM
Check out the Schwinn Fastbacks. Great back at a great price. My previous bike was a '91 Bianchi in steel, and the Fastback is a smoother ride.

Andy - Wannabe
Buckhead Cycles on Peachtree St.Spinchick
Aug 28, 2001 11:00 AM
I haven't lived in Atlanta for 5 years but it was a good shop.