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new too this - glue on tyres? how???(11 posts)

new too this - glue on tyres? how???steveuk
Aug 27, 2001 3:56 PM
hey there,
i just got 2 bikes from ebayuk - 1 hybrid and one 'white racer' - ok you pros at the back stop laughing will ya! now i have 2 questions please.

1) how do i find out the make/model of the racer? the one crank it has (i said STOP laughing) says 'made in france' on it which i know is good. The bar on the back wheel (quick release??) says 'MAILLANO' on it i think. Does this mean anything??

2) of the two bikes funnily enough the hybrid has glue on tyres! 27inchers. I took them off today cause it looks like they were fitted ages ago. The bike is a Kalkhoff - good solid german company - and looks real nice to me. It has the yellow, red, black stripes of the german national colours just like jan ullrichs tops! Anyway i need new rim tape, tyres and glue i know that. i sanded the inside of the rim free of old glue + bit of rust what next? does the glue go on the rim or the tyre?? how muck glue goes on?? do i need to do anything to stop the glue sticking to the inner tube?? how do u fix a flat out on a ride with glue ons?????? and finally how often should glue ons be taken off, the rims cleaned and new glue applied for safety? Thanks mucho for any help.
re: new too this - glue on tyres? how???Akirasho
Aug 27, 2001 4:30 PM
... dunno 'bout the racer, but here's a good link to glue up techniques... It's lengthy, but I use it and have no problems.

Acetone and or Naptha can be used to get old glue off the rim (in a well ventilated area... should be safe for composite rims, but check with manufacturer first).

Be the bike.
re: ancient road bikesguido
Aug 27, 2001 4:34 PM
Wow, you might have two ancient 20th Century road bikes! The crank is Made in France. That hub or quick release skewer is made by Maillard, a French components manufacturer. The tubular tires or "sewups" are 700C not 27 inch. They're probably fatter than today's sewups because the roads weren't as good back then as they are today. The local "pro" shop will be interested and able to help you should you desire to get it running. Good luck!

To mount a sewup, you smear glue on the rim and on the rim strip already glued to the inside diameter of the tire, then "roll" the tire onto the rim after you let the glue dry a little, so its sticky but not squishy. Good luck, again! Sewups sure ride nice, even if they're messy to mount, really hard to repair a puncture. The outer tire is stiched together around the inner tube. You have to cut apart about 4 inches of stiching, pull out the inner tube, patch it, stuff it back into the tire, then sew it up. Ugh.
i hope not;)steveuk
Aug 27, 2001 7:03 PM
guido - well they are a little rusty round the edges but not like 100 years old i don't think:) Hey they were cheap is all i'm sayin and the racer was bid for by a bike shop so i thought it had potential. the bars are alu, proper adj saddle, lights with dynamo, 10 gears, alu crank (1 of) and worn to the bone back tyre so I think it's definately a souped up racer. I looked up Milliano and that seems a good company - used by Peugeot. Both were stolen/recovered (sold on by the Essex Constabulary) so there is a bit of guilt here 4 me knowing someones pride and joy is gone. I had a bike stolen once and my jaw was on the ground for like 1/2 hour.

Thanks guys for the very helpful info. That site is great Akirosha lots of stuff, now i realise a badly glued tyre is bad news! btw it not a sew on there is a seperate inner tube exposed so i think they tubulars - sow ons sound just awful!
i hope not;)alex the engineer
Aug 28, 2001 7:20 AM
Are the cranks cottered? What do the frame lugs look like? How about other components? I'm pretty good at identifying old French bikes.
as far as the glue on the hybrid tyres: Over here, in the US, hybrids NEVER used 27" tyres. Somebody may have used tubular glue because they were attempting to fit 27" tyres on a 700 rim!
While we are at it, I don't think I've EVER seen anybody racing on a bike equipped with a dynamo and lights. Even professional radonneurs have a car following with headlamps! Do you mean that the bike has drop bars? That alone does not qualify the bike as a "racer". (Especially not if it has "chicken" levers and a plastic spoke protector.)
Aug 28, 2001 11:56 AM
thanks 4 your interest alex - i think u are toying with me?! There is no plastic on this bike - it's a thoroughbread!!!
i don't know what a cottered crank looks like so i don't know. what are frame lugs?? if it what are on the end of the drops they are plastic yes i must admit looks like black plastic.

but as re other components i just had a close look - amazing what u find!! excuse my while i wipe the oil off my fingers...

ok quick release bar says 'MAILLARD' definately. The seat is a Brookes Vitesse100. The rear wheel is a Mavic MA2 (i know mavic r good). The front wheel is a Raleigh!! The brakes/levers say Weinmann and also DIA-COMPE US is stamped on them!! The gear mechanism says SACHS HURET while the gear stick is shimanno. - just 1 gear stick (on the sloping downtube) need to fix that. The dynamo is Union - Germany I think.

OK the hybrid wheels are worrying me now! on the front the actual wheel has this stamped on it 20-630 27x 1 1/4 - the tyre has this 32-630 27x 1 1/4. mmm seems somthing wrong there?? The rim is def not a clincher. It's flat and there are the nipple holes??

Thanks for any ideas alex I really apprecite it.

What a piece of $hit !!Rusty McNasty
Aug 28, 2001 12:40 PM
Geez! I've seen better mongrels for $10 at the Salvation Army store! And a clincher glued to a tubular rim??? Boy, were you a sucker!! I'd suggest that you toss these heaps of scrap metal into the nearest dumpster! They obviously aren't worth a plug nickel!
you bad mansteveuk
Aug 28, 2001 1:04 PM
you jealous huh? the fact I just got a real French racer the likes of Bernard Hinault rode to Victory while you got to settle for an Americano copy???

Accept it man u paid $2,000 for your cycle and me $80 and mine is as good as yours - almost. I'm happy with it. I'm gonna weigh it and then u will stop laughing. What does your bike weigh bad man???

IT's NOT a clincher on a rim it's a TUBULAR on a TUBULAR rim - isn't it??? You bad man.
not from your descriptionRusty McNasty
Aug 29, 2001 3:58 AM
That sounds like a clincher GLUED to a tubular rim, and the other bike sounds like a 25 year-old department store pile of cr@p. Who did you buy these from, some homeless Rasta? Bums here ride better equipment! Obviously, you don't know $hit from shinola!
a few terms, etc.alex the engineer
Aug 29, 2001 5:34 AM
Lugs are the bits which hold the pipes in the frame together. Cotters are (or were) what held the cranks onto the BB. Maillard is very old, and was quite common for hubs. Mavic is also quite common. Weinman was VERY common. From your description, the rim is most definately a clincher, as are 99% of all bike rims. Sachs Huret made some of the worst derailleurs, and put them on some very cheap bikes. If this bike has either brake extender levers, or a plastic spoke protector on the rear wheel, it is a low-budget bike. From the description you give, I doubt that they would be worth half what you paid for them. Probably less. Next time, know what you're buying before you bid. Sounds like you bought 2 $5 bikes to me, and spent $80 on them.
Caveat Emptor.
sew-up and tubularsalex the engineer
Aug 29, 2001 5:25 AM
are the same thing. If you can see the tube, it is NOT a tubular. What is the glue doing there? Maybe it is automotive bead sealant. The rims do have a bead seat, don't they? If not, then somebody did a hack repair, probably gluing a clincher onto a tubular rim. God only knows what else they did, too.