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Let me save $200(8 posts)

Let me save $200DRW
Aug 27, 2001 3:19 PM
I received my Lance Armstrong limited edition Nike watch, two weeks ago. All I can say is save your money. Yes the watch looks cool, but dosn't work well. The altimeter only runs for 1-1.5 mins and then needs to be reset, and will not stay calibrated. Nike said that the case was stainless steel, wrong plastic painted silver. If the watch was $50-$100 I would say it was worth the money, but $200 is too much. By the way I receied #5939 of 15000, must not be hot sellers. Hope this helps someone save there money.
Does not matter...Lance wears oneLC
Aug 27, 2001 3:50 PM
It will help complete the outfit.

US Postal Jersey: $60
US Postal Bibs : $75
US Postal Helmet: $150
US Postal Sox : $12
Trek 5900 USPS Edition Bike: $3500

Look on your face when I pass you on a Muffy: Priceless
re: Let me save $200Cliff Oates
Aug 27, 2001 4:19 PM
15000? Not exactly exclusive, either. I think I'll keep wearing my ti Seiko.
re: Let me save $200DINOSAUR
Aug 27, 2001 5:16 PM
I have 12 watches and about a dozen clocks in my house. Whenever I need an accurate time I break out my $30.00 11 year old Timex Ironman. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking....

Funny I was on a ride today and I was thinking that watches are sort of like bikes....
re: Let me save $200Cliff Oates
Aug 27, 2001 5:45 PM
They're not quite as messy. On the other hand, you don't need to reset your bikes twice a year.
DRW, I got the watch a month agoSlothike
Aug 27, 2001 7:12 PM
and it functions fine. In fact, it is a lot more accurate than the Casio Pathfinders and others. The altimeter is suppose to take a reading every 2 seconds for the first minute and then once every 5 minutes thereafter. This is done to save battery life. The compass too has a similar function in that it needs to be reset as to conserve battery life. As I told others about this watch, you are paying for the digital guts and not the workmanship of the band and case etc. It is essentially cheap plastic and rubber. The case is stainless underneath the plastic and rubber. Take yours back if it isn't functioning correctly, but the watch in the non'Lance edition got great reviews on outdoor gear review sites. I got the Lance Edition as a gift, and I collect watches in general. It is not a Rolex, but it sure is pretty cool though. The weather function is extremely accurae in that I check it with the weather channe's barameter readings and convert the millibars to inches and it is almost exact to a fraction. I rode into the mountains in my car this weekend and the watch takes general altimeter readings even when not in the altimeter mode. Not to offend you, but make sure you read the directions fully, you may have overlooked a couple of things. If you didn't, I am sorry and I suggest you take it back.
Hope this helps
re: Time change(ACE)
Aug 27, 2001 9:41 PM
If you live in the right place you don't have to change the time either!
Like my son in Hawaii?Mel Erickson
Aug 28, 2001 6:35 AM
To bad youth is wasted on the young.