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ANOTHER question about Brooks saddles...please inform me(4 posts)

ANOTHER question about Brooks saddles...please inform memlbd
Aug 27, 2001 1:48 PM
exactly how is the saddle structured? i've read that you are "suspended" on the brooks saddle. what does that mean? is the leather drawn over a frame with nothing uderneath in the a drum? if so, how thick is the leather? is it hard in the middle where the soft tissue rests? cushy seats tend to really hurt my tender areas.

and lastly, i'm thinking of trying one from and i'm undecided between the b-17 and team pro. i like narrow...does anyone know how the team pro compares in width to the selle italia flite?

thanks a lot.
re: ANOTHER question about Brooks saddles...please inform meUncleMoe
Aug 27, 2001 2:11 PM
You seem to have a good understanding of it. Yes, the saddle is suspeded between two rails from front to back, not side to side. The rear rail wraps around the sides very slightly. Here is a link to the underside picture:

The leather isn't incredibly thick or thin really, similar to a baseball glove, but the difference is this leather is treated, dried, and shaped to be very hard and sturdy. Then when you treat it with the proofide it softens up very slightly where your sit bones are. The more you ride, the softer it gets, but even then it is harder than the average plastic lightly padded saddle.

The B17 is 170mm wide, the Pro I think is 157mm? Check the Selle Italia website for the width of the flite. Just an FYI, you want the leather saddle to be wider, because you actually need your sit bones to suspend. If you get too narrow a saddle, you will be sitting on the rails themselves which defeats the purpose.
re: ANOTHER question about Brooks saddles...please inform meLone Gunman
Aug 27, 2001 5:50 PM
My Brooks Pro came in last week and it is in the trial process now. The Pro is 160mm wide at its widest point. I measured all the saddles I own to get an idea which model I wanted to try. I had a old saddle that I liked that was 160mm wide, I would still ride it except it is suede and like sitting on velcro, you don't move at all in lycra. Yes, you are suspended just like any other saddle. The rails connect to the leather by the big copper rivets in the back all the way across the arc of the rear of the seat. They connect at the front again by rivets and in the front is a tensioner nut that you can tighten or loosen the saddle leather. Wallbike suggested I loosen the bolt for the breakin period about 1/4 turn. No comparison to offer on the Brooks/Flite. The leather is hard but flexes and suspends you over the rails and reportedly forms to your sit bones over time. I don't have this form yet. I was riding a terry Fly and came to the conclusion that it was just too narrow and the padding crushed and had pressure points for me so I am trying the Brooks.
how the team pro compares in width to the selle italia flite...Pogliaghi
Aug 27, 2001 10:13 PM
Sorry for the poor quality pic, but it ought to illustrate the difference.