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other riders(5 posts)

other ridersDaleC
Aug 27, 2001 12:39 PM
On a long ride this weekend, well 35 miles is long for me, I came across a lot of riders (weather was finally good this weekend- hooray!). I noticed that most don't acknowledge other riders. I would say hi, or wave or nod, but most, over half, just rode by, even the ones going in the same direction! What's the deal? I was just curious, is this what most people encoutner? Us road bikers gotta stick together!
On any ride Trollman does...Trollman
Aug 27, 2001 12:45 PM
Trollman could come across over a hundred riders. Why must Trollman acknowledge everyone. For every rider you passed that didnt respond, perhaps they had responded to an earlier rider.

In any case, who cares whether they respond or not?

Does it really hurt you that much?

Trollman says ride.

"Us road bikers gotta stick together!" ???

Talk to yourself if you really need to.
I don't waveMade in Taiwan
Aug 27, 2001 8:04 PM
I usally don't wave at other cyclists. I figure if i don't wave then they won't wave. you don't wave at other cars when you're driving in your car.... so why ....

sometimes i'm busy doing my intervals or trying to get a better look at the pretty girl that just drove by (see if she is looking in the rearview mirror)... i don't want to divert my attention to wave from concerntration on riding/girls/intervals. But if someone wave at me, mostly i wave back.

just wait til someone wave @ you, then you wave back, that way, nobody's feeling gets hurt
re: other riders7ti
Aug 27, 2001 8:58 PM
I encounter the same thing all the time. It's a macho thing, just disregard it. It's amazing how many people are unwilling to respond to something that takes so little effort and brings so much satisfaction. Don't let it sour you. Keep being friendly, life is too short to wear a puss like these people. I acknowledge everybody and if they don't respond, I just chalk it up to ignorance on their part.
I wave most of the timeKristin
Aug 28, 2001 6:06 AM
I do, I do. But I'm very social and waving is part of my nature. I don't always get a response. There's one guy that only waves back sometimes. When he neglects to respond, I sing the "I'm too sexy for my bike" song.

Times I don't wave:
* Climing a hill (just trying to stay upright)
* Working very hard (see climbing hill :)
* In clueless zone (oxygen deprived--often follows climbing a hill)

Funny story:
Two weeks ago, I decided to take a lunchtime ride. I work in Downers Grove, so of course I rode in Downers Grove. Now, I'm not going to deny being a space cadet at times. I was riding around at my typical 17mph pace and quite excited because there were LOTS of riders out and about (many in skinsuits too). Well, I'm happily grinning & waving at all like a fool. Didn't get many responses though. ("How sad", I thought.) I didn't put it together until Sunday as I watched the Nationals at the "Downers Grove Crit". A good portion of the riders I waved at on Friday were pros! :)