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Proof positive road bikes are good for you.(3 posts)

Proof positive road bikes are good for you.Brian C.
Aug 27, 2001 11:13 AM
After four months of gathering dust, I took my hybrid out for a spin on Sunday. It's an entry-level, 21-speed Cannondale and not a bad bike in its own right.
There's a hill I used to ride it on frequently, and on this hill are six or seven light poles. A game I played was to see how many poles I could reach before needing to drop it into first gear in order to finish the hill. Best I could do was two poles - then, kerplunk, I'd huff and puff the rest of the way in first gear.
Now, to my delight and surpise, I can make it all the way up that hill in eighth gear and not be gasping for breath.
There can be only one reason why: all those vigorous workouts on the road bike.
Excellent! CongratsKristin
Aug 27, 2001 11:58 AM
That's great to hear! I think that there must be some sorta fitness limits to hybrids. I rode my Trek for 2 years, and last year was putting on about 75 miles a week. Still, my average wouldn't increase past 13-14mph. I wonder if you can only go so far with a hybrid. In any regard, its a great feeling, eh?
Like night and day, almost.Brian C.
Aug 27, 2001 12:40 PM
The first thing I noticed was how much the hybrid drives like a truck, compared with the road racer. Funny, I used to average 13 mph, too: It was a bit better than that on Sunday but certainly no where near the 18 mph average on the road bike.
Having a road bike must bring with it greater potential and, with that, determination to be a better.
All in all, it's been a great summer for cycling. Hope yours has been enjoyable, too.