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80 mile training ride(4 posts)

80 mile training ridebear
Aug 26, 2001 4:24 PM
thanks to all who encourage me. I did it in 6 hrs. The 10 miles climb was no proble but the steep short hill kick my ass. I was afraid on going out of the saddle for fear of bonking.and lost so much time. I can get out of the sadle for a count of 50 to 70 with no problem but I dint have the confidence to risk it on the ride.. I was also surprise how unfriendly people where. I stop for one guy changing a tired and he dint even thank me. Maybe is the china bike( airborne).
I found out that I am as fast as anyone on the flats and modrate hill, is the really steep and shorter one that kill me,,,I would slow down to 4 mph on 53/27. I know is the weight I am carry. (200).
the way I look at it I should be pretty good when I drop 20 to 25lb.
re: 80 mile training rideAkirasho
Aug 26, 2001 5:34 PM
Congratz on your ride!

Cyclists in general are a friendly bunch, but at some level they (as a group) still mirror our society... Wouldn't worry about "unfriendlies" (some folks can get stuffy about the type of bike someone else is riding... I don't know why). I've found 100 good souls for every grouch... I'll take those odds.

And, it takes time to develop climbing legs (tolerance to lactic acid and increased strength through training of specific climbing muscle groups). Don't forget, you can use your inner (or granny if so equipped) chainring to crest a hill... work on spinning over the top rather than mashing a bigger gear (though it's always nice to save a bailout gear or two on severe climbs).

Lastly, it'll be cheaper, and in many ways easier to drop 20 to 25 lbs. of you as opposed to 2 to 5 lbs. off the bike... Good luck and...

Be the bike.
Good job.MB1
Aug 27, 2001 5:47 AM
Sounds like you did fine. Don't let other people's attitudes bother you. If you are friendly you will find friendly people eventually. Did you actually climb in your big chainring or was that just a mis-type?
Aug 27, 2001 1:00 PM
Sorry,,,, 39/27
and thanks again!!