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Question for all wheel building gurus(5 posts)

Question for all wheel building gurusProboscis
Aug 26, 2001 5:58 AM
Can a 28 spoke wheel and hub be built up as a 3 Cross? Yesterday I went to the local LBS, measurments in hand, to get spokes to build this rear wheel as a 2 cross. The tech there said that a 3 cross would be much stronger for my needs. Agreeing that it would be stronger I got the spokes for a 3 cross. While assembling the parts, it seems that this wheel only wants to be a 2 cross. Was the LBS just having some fun at my expense? Thanks for any info.
3 cross will work.Spoke Wrench
Aug 26, 2001 7:43 AM
I suspect you are having trouble getting the pattern started right at the valve hole. I lace up the pulling spokes on both sides first starting at the first and second spoke holes from the valve. If you do it that way, the last spokes that go the other way will wind up on the opposite side of the valve.

Good luck.
3 cross will work.Proboscis
Aug 26, 2001 9:04 AM
Hmm. That is what I did. I still messed up something though. It just did not seem to have enough slack in the spokes to allow the 3 cross. I think I may have screwed the nipples on too far taking up the spoke length. The only thing I can think of. For now will dismantle and start again. Its either this or now the yard. Think I will play with my wheel. Thanks for the information, I didnt like to think that my LBS was playing a cruel joke.
Three separate issues.Spoke Wrench
Aug 26, 2001 10:00 AM
The one that I addressed was the pattern itself and the spoke arrangement at the valve stem. It sounds to me like that part is OK.

The issue that the other poster made reference to has to do with the spokes blocking adjacent spoke holes - divide by 9 to get the maximum number of crosses. Doesn't sound like that's a problem either.

The final issue is spoke length. If you got the whole wheel laced and can't pull the spokes up evenly, my guess is that you tried to do too much at once. I'd just back off all the nips so that about half the threads show and gradually pull up the spokes maybe 2 full turns at a time.

Hope this helps.
9'sCliff Oates
Aug 26, 2001 7:55 AM
Among the other pearls of wisdom in The Bicycle Wheel is the statement that the maximum number of crosses equals the spoke count divided by 9. This book should probably be on your bookshelf and most decent LBS's have a copy or two for sale. Sheldon Brown has an excellent article on wheelbuilding on his web site.