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Dog Whistle ???(3 posts)

Dog Whistle ???5taylor5
Aug 25, 2001 8:50 PM
Was reading an article in Fridays Dallas Morning News about a couple, who ride long distances and were going to the Hotter than Hell ride. The girlfriend hadn't been riding as long as her boyfriend and was a bit slower and had had problems with dogs. She said in the article that she had gone to a pet store and bought an ultrasonic whistle to keep the dogs away ??? She called it an Ultrasonic Remote Trainer. I've heard of the whistles to call dogs but I didn't know that they would 'repel' dogs??? Anybody heard of this before??? Kevin
got one,useless; better wayclub
Aug 26, 2001 4:55 AM
if you're talking about the little taser-sized battery powered gray think with the button you push to emit an ultrasonic noise, I got one somebody sent as a product sample for cycling. my dog loves it and comes running at the "sound."
A S.C. friend taught me some universal dog language that seems to work better. If you yell "HENK" in your loudest Marine D.I. command voice, dogs stop in their tracks, whether they're charging you, eating poop, or about to try humping a skunk in the yard.
re: Dog Whistle ???Spoke Wrench
Aug 26, 2001 5:35 AM
A year ago, my wife and I were riding tandems with another couple in Mississippi. When a medium size dog came out to say "hello" to us, the other woman calmly took out what looked like a CO2 inflator. It made a short high pitch squeek that caused the dog to act like he'd run into an invisible wall.

I've been kinda looking for one since, but I haven't found a source because I haven't tried very hard. We don't have much trouble with dogs. Mostly my wife just talks baby talk to them and they sort of act confused and just run along side like we're part of their group.