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Campy Daytona vs. Ultegra vs. 105s(5 posts)

Campy Daytona vs. Ultegra vs. 105sHroidRider
Aug 25, 2001 7:29 PM
Where does it rank? A guy at the local bike shop told me that they were about the equivalent of Shimano 105s. I was of the understanding that they were supposed to be the equivalent to Ultegra? Where does the Daytona grouppo stand?
re: Campy Daytona vs. Ultegra vs. 105sTri-State Cycler
Aug 26, 2001 3:49 AM
Daytona is on par with 105. One major difference is that Daytona is available in a 10 speed gruppo. Chorus/Ultegra, Record/Dura-Ace. For a few extra bucks you could "upgrade" to Ultegra if you're a Shimano type.
re: Campy Daytona vs. Ultegra vs. 105sCliff Oates
Aug 26, 2001 5:22 AM
Most people would say that Daytona (soon to be Centaur) is positioned to compete with Ultegra too, based largely on price. Here's a list of the groups with prices from Excel and weights from the manufacturer's web sites (weight totals do not include headset, pedals, or seatpost).

Record 10 - $1380, 2765 grams
Dura-Ace 9 - $995, 2765 grams
Chorus 10 - $940, 2939 grams
Ultegra 9 - $649, 3057 grams
Daytona 10 - $649, 3066 grams
105 9 - $525, 3266 grams
Veloce 9 - $529, 3379 grams
How would you measure it?Spoke Wrench
Aug 26, 2001 5:26 AM
All of that stuff works great. I assume you are talking about subjective feelings of "smoothness" or "crispness." If that's the case, I would rank them Ultegra, Daytona, 105 for brand new components. The Campy people, however, will tell you that Campy components will smooth out a bit as they wear in - another subjective judgement.

To me, the biggest factors would be the way that the shifters work (I prefer Shimano) and the shape of the brake hoods (prefer Campy). Those are subjective judgements too.

Whichever you pick, 1. its going to work just fine; 2. somebody is going to tell you that you should have gotten the other. Just tell them that if they buy you whatever they think you should have, you'll promise to use it.
re: Campy Daytona vs. Ultegra vs. 105sVelocipedio
Aug 26, 2001 6:04 AM
I haven't had enough experience with Ultegra to have much of an opinion -- seemed quite good to me. However, my bike is Daytona and my GF's bike is 105. I've ridden her bike enough to have the sense that I think Daytona probably ranks a little above 105. I find the shifts are much more accurate, the braking somewhat better... and the finish of the components a little nicer. But this is all subjective and, the truth is, above 105-Daytona-Ultegra, I suspect performance is all basically similar.