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Trials and tribs of dialing in a new seat(rant)(10 posts)

Trials and tribs of dialing in a new seat(rant)Lone Gunman
Aug 25, 2001 10:46 AM
I don't ever recall taking this much time to dial in a new seat position. I measured old position as a reference before removing a Terry Fly and tried for the same general position with a Brooks Pro. It seems as though I can't get the angle right although I know from the experience that level to slightly nose up is the route. Just about broke both my wrists trying to keep my position with a slightly nose low position yesterday. Forward/aft is now the problem. And the pressure being placed on hands and wrists I think is excessive, plus muscle soreness in the back and obliques. It's like a test of wills to see who is gonna break first, saddle or me. I may need to redo handlebar position to try and get it right.
same heredoug_s
Aug 25, 2001 11:40 AM
I just got my Brooks Swift. Attempted to replicate the old position (although still not sure if it was worth replicating). Anyway, I was warned, but my Thompson post doesn't have enough adjustibility for the Brooks. I can't get the nose down to level -- the post just bottoms out probably about 5 mm from level. However, I did just do about 15 miles on the Swift, and while that's not enough miles to give a review, it was comfortable, terrible nose position and all. I'm excited, and now looking for a post with a wider range of adjustment.
re: Trials and tribs of dialing in a new seat(rant)DINOSAUR
Aug 25, 2001 12:03 PM
For what it's worth, I've mentioned a couple of times about the trouble I had dialing in my Brooks Pro with the Geometry of my Klein. As much as I tried I just couldn't get it zeroed in and I finally gave up after two seasons. I could not get it level, always a slight upward slant. I loved the feel of the Brooks, but I think they are best for a restoration on an old lugged steel bike with relaxed st angles. The rails are set up differently and they don't match up with the zoot bikes of the present age. Probably be a good addition to a cross country touring bike..
re: Trials and tribs of dialing in a new seat(rant)Lone Gunman
Aug 25, 2001 3:32 PM
I don't have any problems getting it level and the Zurich has the slack angles you speak of. (I think) I am just feeling different muscle soreness that is from the slightly different angles that I am now pedaling from. In hind sight, probably the best time to do a seat switch is at the beginning of the season before any of the muscles get accustom to a position. I just hate trying to do adjustments out on the road when you are guessing about the setup, no level or tape measure. I redid the adjustments after todays ride, feeling as though the seat needed to be closer to level and slid back some and the bar drops to hand angle needed to be corrected. Yesterday was the worst, going down a steep, bumpy, ride the brakes the whole way down road and I'm slidin forward the whole way, the pressure on my hands and wrists was unreal.
re: Trials and tribs of dialing in a new seat(rant)DINOSAUR
Aug 25, 2001 5:00 PM
I've gone through 3 saddles the past three seasons. Each saddle had to be dialed in differently, as I'm sure you know. The rail length and height makes for a couple of changes. The Brooks didn't work me me, I hope you have better luck. I tried to dupicate my position with each saddle but that didn't work either. What works for Paul might not work for Peter. Here hoping that you and your Brooks pedal happily over the sunset. I think the thing about saddles is that it's just hit and miss, for me the Brooks was a miss. Perhaps you were expecting too much from the start. Beside all the hoppla about being the most comfortable saddle on the planet, even the pre-treated ones take awhile to break in, probably a couple of hundred miles. But after that they just get more comfortable as time goes by. Good luck...
re: Trials and tribs of dialing in a new seat(rant)Lone Gunman
Aug 25, 2001 5:46 PM
I guess what I am hoping for is a meeting of fit and comfort all at the same time. I certainly have not experienced any numbness, it still is a hard seat and the seat is getting softer and more flexible, I just was not anticipating the arm and wrist stress I have so far, but I think I am getting closer to the setup. I have eliminated what does not work, after about a dozen different tries.
re: Trials and tribs of dialing in a new seat(rant)DINOSAUR
Aug 25, 2001 7:04 PM
Stick with it, remember the whole idea behind the leather is so it will comform to your anatomy. I bet in a couple of months you will be in love with your Brooks, just give it some time. I'd sell mine, but who knows, someday I might decide to slap it back on again. I've read also that you can actually overtreat it with a leather conditioner, even the Proofhide stuff made by Brooks, and cause it to prematurely break down. These saddles can last 15-20 years if you take care of them. It's funny how saddles are such indivual choices, there's got to be a market for custom saddles on the horizon...
re: Trials and tribs of dialing in a new seat(rant)Lone Gunman
Aug 26, 2001 12:15 PM
True, just like foot orthotics. That is actually what I was thinking when I decided to try the Brooks. Really, we (cyclists) go out and spend big loot on a custom frame, shouldn't the seat be custom fit also? The trial continues.
re: dialing in a new seat(rant)davidl
Aug 26, 2001 6:32 PM
I don't know about you, but with me when I found the right saddle I knew it right away - it just fit right. The nose angle, and fore & aft adjustments merely improved the sensation of a proper fit that the saddle gave me from the git-go. I'm afraid that I'm not very patient with saddles. If they are not comfortable, or do not feel right from the beginning, no amount of fooling around with them seems to improve the situation - they're just not "the saddle." Maybe your backside is just not Brooks-material, no matter how many riders swear by it.
Hang in there...UncleMoe
Aug 27, 2001 8:16 AM
Lone Gunman (I posted a similar message on Sat night but I guess I didn't quite do it right cause it didn't post - anyway...)

I have found with my brooks that my wrists seem to have a little more stress on them to. Not real painful, but noticable. I theorize about this in a few ways:

- I had to lower my seat post a little bit with the brooks as my old saddle had too much padding so I rode lower at the same post height. I noticed the diff right away and assume you did to. If not, lower the seat post.

- With the Brooks being so firm at first, I think by default your legs and arms have to support more weight because only your sit bones are on the saddle. I am hoping my arms will get somewhat use to it.

- A few others with the Brooks like to have the seat nose actually up higher so the back of the saddle, wear you sit, is level. I can't do this cause the nose pushes up into my package and the numbness comes back.

Hang in there. I suppose if it doesn't get better take advantage of the 6 month gaurantee. I still am making minor modifications to my Brooks after every few rides. Its funny, but what seems really good one day seems awkward the next, but I feel each position deserves a couple of days.

Good luck, I am just happy I don't go numb anymore.