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Flightdeck users(4 posts)

Flightdeck userszelig
Aug 25, 2001 8:49 AM
Thanks to those who responded to my post last month. I got the 6501 head unit and wireless transmitter as an Anniversary present. Installation took about 45 minutes including taping the bars. The installation instructions are about as useful as the one's you get with a cheap gas barbeque grill from KMart. "Parts may be left over after assembly." Programing the head unit took a bit longer. Whoever wrote/translated the operating manual should be taken out and shot.

I'll post a Product Review in a couple of days.
re: Flightdeck usersLone Gunman
Aug 25, 2001 10:28 AM
But the question is, did you figure it out? If so, you are a much wiser man because of it.
After 5 trieszelig
Aug 25, 2001 1:51 PM
Same guy who translated the original Datusn 240-Z instructions for changing a flat tire must have been involved with the manual. "Take tire off and then release the jack." Well, going back to 1972 is like carbon dating oneself.

It was the chainring/cog section where you don't hold it down for 3 seconds to set. And then, this AM when I thought the unit was dead. Hello sleep mode. I felt like it and it acted the same.

All that being said, seems to be a pretty good product. Time will tell.
After 5 triesLone Gunman
Aug 25, 2001 3:39 PM
Word of caution. The first gen model I have has an option for a quick rise? derail option or something of that nature. I started out this season resetting in the wrong mode and the circles for gear ratio worked in reverse. Must make correct selection, garbage in garbage out.