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Road shops(10 posts)

Road shopsMikej
Aug 24, 2001 9:08 AM
I have been away from cycling for 15 years. I live in the San Diego area. Can anyone suggest a good road bike shop. Quality of products and mechanical ability is more important than price.
La Jolla CycleryThioderek
Aug 24, 2001 9:17 AM
depends on where you live...UncleMoe
Aug 24, 2001 9:20 AM
I am with you. I will pay a higher price to deal with someone who speaks to me and not at me, and isn't constantly trying to sell me something. With that said...

Check out Leucadia Cyclery in Leucadia. It is a small shop and it is weird when you walk in as they only have about 30 bikes in stock. They carry a wide price range of everything from entry level $500 bikes to $5000 latest, but limited quantities. Once they fit you and you select a bike, they will order it for you in the size you need and have it in 2-3 days. If you aren't happy they will take it back for what you want.

Try and work with the owner Fred. He has always been incredibly helpful and honest. I think he takes Monday's off, and the shop is closed Sundays. The staff is helpful, but I can't say I always feel 100% comfortable with their advice. Call ahead just to be sure Fred is there.

I've also shopped at Supergo in Oceanside, and Bikes USA in Sorrento Valley. Never quite happy with either shop unless I know exactly what I want. Go in for a front suspension fork and they tell me my 1995 $800 Marin Hartail is junk and I need a new full suspension bike. Left soon thereafter. Avoid El Camino Bike shop in Encinitas at all costs.

I have heard very good things about Black Mountain Cyclery in Mira Mesa. Never shopped there mind you, but heard good things.

Good luck. Email me if you have more questions.
a few suggestionsRoadster
Aug 24, 2001 10:55 AM
BikeUSA Kearny Mesa is their flagship store and with their best salespeople (talk to Adam, if not then Ken) and mechanic (Rob, if not Tony). They carry Trek, Cannondale, Litespeed and Serotta.

Leucadia Cyclery is a good, albeit quirky, shop and if you like small-town customer service this is the shop for you. They carry Bianchi mainly but also Klein.

Black Mountain Cycles has a good all-around shop. They carry Cannondale, Lemond and Waterford (number 2 waterford shop in the US).

Stay away from Nytro in Encinitas, Supergo (if price is not an issue), any other BikeUSA except Kearny Mesa. IMHO, Service in these remaining shops can be non-existent to insulting.
re: Road shopsbadabill
Aug 24, 2001 11:09 AM
Hi-Tech bikes in mission valley. Hank has one of the best high end shops in town. B&L on pacific coast hwy is good, also Mission Cycle in Bonita.
Aug 24, 2001 2:07 PM
Hi-Tech gets my nod. Its a high end shop and they are extrememly helpful. They will recommend the best solution, even if they don't offer it.
Bike USA in Sorrento ValleySanjuro!
Aug 24, 2001 2:37 PM
Can't vouch for the other locations, but the SV location is fantastic. The staff has a lot of experience.
for high zootJack S
Aug 24, 2001 11:12 AM
Nytro in Encinitas
Bad service at NytroSanjuro!
Aug 24, 2001 2:37 PM
Nytro has a bad rep when it comes to service.
For someone like you, my suggestion is BikeUSA...Bruno S
Aug 24, 2001 2:39 PM
The one at Kerny Mesa is their best one. Its a good bet since you will find good service and good prices. Also they sell stuff thats down-to-earth for someone getting back to cycling. Hi-Tec and Nytro carry high end expensive stuff. Supergo, which has good prices, does not have very good service. In Performance you are on your own.