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Ortho inserts to help with toe numbness?(4 posts)

Ortho inserts to help with toe numbness?UncleMoe
Aug 24, 2001 8:50 AM
In the past two months with much advice on this board, I have completely voided my life of groin numbness with a Brooks B17 saddle. I also bought a new pair of Specialized Body Geometry Pro Road Shoes with the hopes of ridding myself of Toe Numbness.

The Specialized shoes helped a lot and I am at the point where, get this, my right foot is fine, but my left foot toes are still going numb no matter how I adjust the cleats for/aft and the angle. I am now considering ortho inserts.

For those of you who have ortho inserts, a few questions:
- Did you go to a foot Dr. to get fitted for them?
- Did you just buy them off the rack at a sporting goods store like a running store?
- Did they help?
- Did the inserts need any more room, meaning, did you have to go up one shoe size?

Thanks. This is just about my final step before I will be in full comfort!
Aug 24, 2001 10:17 AM
Uncle Moe

1. You get what you pay for, have them made at the Foot Doc.- about $350, off the shelve may or may not work, but I would try the off the rack first before dropping the cash.

2. Go online to and they have some very good off the rack ones for $60.00

3. You pay have to get larger shoes to accomodate. I did not have to but I know someone who did.

I also know a guy who cut the top part of his shoes away as a last resort for toe numbness. This can be caused by something called a Noroma (pinch nerved) in foot. Only perm fixed is to have minor surgery to take nerve out.

re: Ortho inserts to help with toe numbness?Brooks
Aug 24, 2001 10:43 AM
I live in a ski town (Park City, UT)and had custom orthotics made by Surefeet to fit my bike shoes. The cost is about $150. I had the same problem and tried a bunch of off the shelf products, but there is nothing like getting a custom set done. Good luck.
Custom orthotics were a big disapointment to meSteve Davis
Aug 24, 2001 11:10 AM
I plunked down $150 for custom orthotics and another $175 for new Sidi shoes and wish that I had saved my money.

Maybe I just went to the wrong guy (a podiatrist recommended by a LBS) but soon after, I developed IT band syndrome and actually had my feet go numb even though this had never happened before.

I still use the Sidi's, but gave up on the orthotics.

Good luck,