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Climbing preferences(14 posts)

Climbing preferencestommyb
Aug 24, 2001 7:46 AM
Let's assume that a hill has a road up one side of it that climbs gradually for 10 miles at 4%, and a road on the other side that is essentially flat for 5 miles, and 8% for 5 miles. Which side would you rather go up, which side would rather go down?

My preference is the shorter, more intense climb, followed by a less intense but longer descent.
re: Climbing preferencesbadabill
Aug 24, 2001 8:20 AM
Go up steep, down long, turn around go up long, down steep. You can have it all :-)
re: Climbing preferencesDINOSAUR
Aug 24, 2001 8:35 AM
Up steep, down steep, half the fun of climbing is descending, that's where you get the free ride...
re: Climbing preferencesCliff Oates
Aug 24, 2001 8:51 AM
I don't know Dino -- I've never crashed going UP a hill...
re: Climbing preferencesDINOSAUR
Aug 24, 2001 9:06 AM
Well, I'm an expert of how to crash going downhill about .2 miles from home...
re: Climbing preferencesCliff Oates
Aug 24, 2001 9:24 AM
You need buy new tires periodically, you cheapskate ;-). I crashed 35 miles from anywhere (50 miles from my truck) and got a $1200 ambulance ride to the nearest hospital. I need to slow down. Unfortunately, that got decided for me.
re: Climbing preferencesDINOSAUR
Aug 24, 2001 1:25 PM
Hey, I do buy tires, ask my wife!! Even though I was close to home they threw me in an ambulance and about a thirty mile ride to a trauma center. Three days in Sutter-Roseville Hospital "Special Care Unit", before I was transferred to Kaiser, cost my health insurance 30K (yes 30k). I took a vow never, ever to bad mouth Kaiser again. It could have been worse, about the third day at Kaiser a lady in the next room died (no joke).

Hey, are you back to riding yet?
re: Climbing preferencesCliff Oates
Aug 24, 2001 1:36 PM
I'm a Kaiser patient, and they're great as far as I'm concerned. I wish the first surgeon had done a better job on my wrist socket though, because the second surgery was not really what I had in mind. It's done now though. This has cost me a bunch of $5 copays, but I have no idea what the total cost is.

I'm riding in a stand. I may graduate to rollers pretty soon. My wrist is still very tender and movement is very restricted, so I'm kind of leary of getting out on the road and hitting a bump. My arm would probably buckle and I'd end up eating the stem. I'm out of the splints now and started PT last week. I'm making pretty good progress with the PT, but the threapist said it would be a year before I have normal movement in the wrist again. I'm going to take my rehab seriously and not rush things along too quickly.
Sorry to hear that...DINOSAUR
Aug 24, 2001 4:26 PM
Sorry to hear about that second surgery. I sort of have an inkling of what you are going through, or an idea anyway. I fractured two metacarpals of my right hand and possibly fractured my wrist (hard to tell on xrays) Feb '95. The third largest finger will not completely straighten, and I lost a little strength in my hand. The only thing that really bothers it is cold weather and using my gas weed whacker, due to all the vibration.

I did this at work prior to retirement. I found out that the jaw is the strongest bone in the human body, and I know why boxers wrap their hands. It looks good on TV, but in real life it doesn't work.

Good luck with your recovery, it must be real hard not to cycle, I would go nuts.

I guess I should stop these posts or the internet police will come and take me away, I hear them at my door already...

Hang in there
re: Climbing preferencesBeauVelo
Aug 24, 2001 9:06 AM
I personally love to climb although I am not the best at it by any means...but I would love both the same and would take either or.

For the descent I would much rather have a steeper descent for I could get the rush of air flowing past me as I accelerate to my personal heaven.

Plus for me I love the rush of climbing up a hill and leaving the noisy street below, becoming able to see where you came from a mile ago, and as you finally summitt, to be able to look around 360 degrees at the view.

So as long as both climbs bring me to the same elevation (which in this case they do) I would love them both.

BeauVelo (A.k.a Mabero)
Steep followed by long shallow descent! (NM)MrCelloBoy
Aug 24, 2001 8:35 AM
You mean I get a CHOICE?!!!Humma Hah
Aug 24, 2001 9:37 AM
Durn, all this time I thought I had to ride what's in front of me!

For overall efficiency, a shallow descent is better. Steep downhills build up too much speed, you waste most of that stored energy as wind drag or braking.

But I do occasionally enjoy a really fast, steep downhill, just to see how high a reading I can get on the computer.

As for uphills, I hate 'em all, but they're the price you pay for getting to go downhill. And they're good for me. I'd just as soon get them over with, up to around 8%. Above that, and they tend to be an embarrassment on a heavy singlespeed.
re: Climbing preferencesTig
Aug 24, 2001 11:46 AM
It depends on the wind direction. You say "Huh"? Here in the oven state called Texas, a tail wind up a steep climb will bake you like a cake! Sure, a head wind slows you down, but at least you feel some cooling. A hot, humid tailwind keeps the building body heat with you.
We learned this the hard way at the state championship cat 4 RR years ago on the Sante Fe course. The climb was nick-named "The Oven". The course reversed direction at the summit of this long climb which pointed us back into the headwind. We almost p;ssed ourselves with laughter after we heard our collective SIGH! Oh, no... I'm turning into one of those ex-racers that babble stories too much!

Otherwise, I'll take either climb. Hell, ANY climb near Houston is a good one!
Hills are your friends. nmMel Erickson
Aug 24, 2001 1:41 PM