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And today's poll is...(32 posts)

And today's poll is...Spinchick
Aug 24, 2001 4:39 AM
What bikes (and components) do all of you road racers ride? Are they aluminum, Ti, steel and how much do they weigh total? Feel free to add any other pertinent info. Thanks!
re: oh, now you're just asking for it...Akirasho
Aug 24, 2001 4:51 AM
Be the bike.
re: oh, now you're just asking for it...Spinchick
Aug 24, 2001 5:06 AM
Okay Akirasho, maybe you could just mention three or four of your favorites.
People should probably...Cliff Oates
Aug 24, 2001 5:09 AM
put that information in their profiles, because it seems like this question gets askde every couple of months. Those who don't have profiles probably ought to create one by clicking here. It's not like it costs money, and I rarely receive mail from this site so the spam factor is minimal.

Anyway: a Waterford and a soon to be for sale Bianchi cyclo-cross.
How too...jtolleson
Aug 24, 2001 5:16 AM
EDIT an existing profile? Mine is lame. Has only my name. I'd be interested in editing it but can't quite figure out how...
Click on the "Preferences" link once your are logged in (nm)Cima Coppi
Aug 24, 2001 5:21 AM
go to "preferences" - top of page. nmSpinchick
Aug 24, 2001 5:21 AM
Checked the archives - guess I didn't look back far enough. nmSpinchick
Aug 24, 2001 5:20 AM
Why are you selling the Bianchi?MB1
Aug 24, 2001 5:42 AM
I've got one and ride it more often than my other bikes. A really nice all rounder.
Too bigCliff Oates
Aug 24, 2001 5:50 AM
It's a 58cm frame, and that is too large for me. I would imagine that's a fairly common mistake when buying a CX bike. I'm replacing it with a 52cm Gunnar Crosshairs that should show up late next week (I do like Waterfords...). I'll sell the frameset and Chorus headset and reuse everything else on the Gunnar.
I'm getting a Gunnar too.MB1
Aug 24, 2001 6:17 AM
Street Dog. I am really getting into single speeds. I think I may just do some fixte cyclocrossing.
I'm getting a Gunnar too.Cliff Oates
Aug 24, 2001 6:29 AM
It should be nice. You should post a picture of it in the gallery once you build it up.

My LBS is giving me a very good price on the Crosshairs (in yellow) and a Chris KIng headset, installed. I used the Bianchi as an all-rounder and I will resume commuting with the Crosshairs when my employer moves to a new headquarters that is much closer to my home early next year. I bought it mostly for road, with the ability to wander off on the occasional fire trail. I'm also hoping the Gunnar turns out to be lighter than the Bianchi which weighs in at 23 pounds (fwiw, I'll also be using lighter wheels on the new bike). I like riding up mountains, between that, my 45 year old knees, and the lack of ability to store more than two bikes, a fixee is not in my future.
Starting to get spooky.MB1
Aug 24, 2001 6:39 AM
My Gunnar is yellow with a CK headset too. I like to think it will reflect my true inner joy for riding.

Them young knees of yours should have no problem with a 1 speed and you will get strong as an ox. With a fixtee up hills is not usually a problem, downhill can be a really hard workout trying to keep up with the pedals. That is what front brakes are for.
It's a good looking colorCliff Oates
Aug 24, 2001 6:50 AM
Black CK headset? I like the yellow better than the other colors except the blue, but my Waterford is blue and I don't want two blue bikes. Anyway, I really doubt you'll be running Paul touring cantis and obviously not a Campy racing triple.

Not hills, mountains. If I walk out the door of my apartment, which is at 360' above sea level, I am greeted with a view of all 3,849' of Mt. Diablo. I chatted with a kid at the top once who rode up on a SS MTB. Most of us need more gearing than that.
Way too spooky, good thing I am on the right coast.MB1
Aug 24, 2001 6:52 AM
Paul Cantis-yes.
Black CK headset-yes.
Campy triple-no, not on a SS.
DC area, I cheatedCliff Oates
Aug 24, 2001 7:12 AM
and checked your email address. Black anodized Paul Touring cantis? Very nice brakes, albeit expensive. I replaced some defective Avid Shorty's with the Pauls and I am very pleased with the change.
I'm spooked now! This has got to stop.MB1
Aug 24, 2001 7:30 AM
I switched from Avids to Pauls because the Avid adjustment screw setup kept failing. We have Pauls on 4 bikes now.
Where's Rod Seling when you really need him?Cliff Oates
Aug 24, 2001 7:40 AM
Same problem here - the threads on one of the adjustment screws stripped so the brake just kind of flopped around. Fortunately, Excel gave me a refund. I was aiming for neo retros on the front, but Quality didn't have any in stock at the time I was ordering them (another nice deal from my LBS -- $73/wheel including sales tax) so I went with touring cantis front and back. I'm kind of glad I did, they have more than enough stopping power, and there's about an inch of crud clearance under the straddle.
Rod SeRling, even. Sheesh. (nm)Cliff Oates
Aug 24, 2001 7:40 AM
Did you say fixed cx?AlexR
Aug 24, 2001 7:23 AM
I've been pusing my street dog through the mud all week. A trail that felt great with a 42/18 has been killing my knees now that it's damp. I've got to get it through my thick skull that trail conditions are just as important as grade when I pick my gear. Ouch.

Tonight I'm going to hit the same trail, but as a jogger. I've got to get my running legs beneath me for CX season if I'm going to single speed it.

Enjoy your ride - I sure love mine.

Alex in Evanston
Yes, what a hoot eh? nmMB1
Aug 24, 2001 7:31 AM
How much standover did you calculate?nova
Aug 24, 2001 11:51 AM
That's quite a jump in seat tube size between the Bianchi and the Gunnar. Just out of curiosity, how much standover are you going to have on the Gunnar, and do you think the top tube will be long enough for you?

I'm considering a 60cm Crosshairs, which would give me about 2 inches of standover. I won't be cross racing, but I will be riding fireroads, and I'm just wondering if I need more standover. (Bike shop says I'll be fine as long as I don't race CX.) Can you give me some idea how much less than MSRP you are paying? (percentage?) Are you going with the Gunnar fork as well. (apologies if you already answered that)
I'm 5'11" on a 58cm Bianchi & Gunnar.MB1
Aug 24, 2001 12:20 PM
That is marginal for offroad standover but the Gunnar does have a sloping toptube. I was more concerned in getting a comfortable handlebar position. I have been riding in the dirt long enough to know what I am comfortable doing on 700C wheels and I won't be pushing my limits on steep descents.

I'm getting the Gunnar fork. Steel is real even more so off road.
How much standover did you calculate?Cliff Oates
Aug 24, 2001 1:08 PM
I usually like a 560 or (even better) a 565 top tube length. My road bike is a 56cm Waterford 2200 with a 56cm top tube. The 58cm Bianchi has a 570 top tube. However, that results in a 33" stand over and since my inseam in bare feet is 32 inches... I should have gone with a 55 and its 555 top tube. I made the wrong decision when I ordered the frame, plus this was my first CX frame. Oops. The Gunnar has a longer top tube, so the 520 results in a 555 top tube and 31 inches of stand over. The Gunnar has a sloping top tube, and the 52 is otherwise similar to a 55cm Bianchi.

I'm buying the frameset (frame and Gunnar fork) for $600. The prices my LBS owner quotes for me are usually inclusive of California sales tax.
thanks! (nm)nova
Aug 25, 2001 6:29 AM
re: And today's poll is...badabill
Aug 24, 2001 5:27 AM
Landshark Roadshark. Deda zero uno steel (all my rides are steel), 19lb. Surly cross check, its a pig at 24lbs but a blast to ride. Marin hardtail MTB, raced and abused gathering dust.
re: And today's poll is...Haiku d'état
Aug 24, 2001 6:05 AM
no racing yet, but i was just asked to join a team for a 12-hour mtb sufferfest, so that may be a fiery baptism.

here they are

'00 specialized allez a1
aluminum frame/fork
105 double, ritchey mix, specialized cranks
'round 20 pounds
look 296 pedals, vredestein ricorso tires

'00/'01 bianchi giro
aluminum frame/CF fork
105 triple
'round 20 pounds
bianchi pedals (look-compat.), panaracer cat. elite tires

'99 specialized rockhopper
cromo frame/fork
weight: who cares?
nashbar spd pedals, michelin wildgripper tires

'?? western flyer grand trophy
steel, i guess--whatever they sold at western auto
shimano mass-market 6-speed
weight: damned heavy

'?? hu**y ss cruiser
steel, rust, primer
components: who knows
weight: damned heavy

...and other project bikes and frames lying around...
re: And today's poll is...Spoke Wrench
Aug 24, 2001 6:27 AM
go fast bike:
00 Klein Quantum Race double. XTR rear derailleur so I can use easier gears on hilly rides. Weighs about 19 pounds with 747 SPDs.

retro grouch bike:
?? Bridgestone RB2. Custom fade paint, 105 triple with bar end shifters. Weighs about 22 or 23 pounds.

99 Santana Noventa. Filet brazed Nivacrom steel frame. Pretty much stock components except for seats and 747 pedals. Weighs in the high 30's.

Mountain bike:
98 Porsche FS. Replaced most of the Sachs parts (except for hubs) with Shimano. About 27 pounds. Cost way too much for what it is, but nobody else has one like it.

beater bike: (my favorite)
93 Marin Bear Valley SE. Has a Redline sticker set because I never sold Marin. Everything on this bike has been replaced at least once. I have no clue what it might weigh.
Horses in my stable. . .JS5280
Aug 24, 2001 9:02 AM
Horses in my stable:

Road: 2001 Airborne Zepplin, Ti ~19 lbs. Ultegra

MTB: 2000 Diamondback X2 Full Suspension Al ~31 lbs. Deore Mix, great freeride bike

Beater/Trainer: 1988 Nishiki Ariel, rigid MTB, Al ?lbs. Deore thumbshifters and Biopace chain rings, woo hoo!

Winter Ride: 1999 Salomon 450, 163cm, pray for snow (in the CO mountains)!

Now taking applications: <25lbs. XC MTB, thinking either Sugar or Airborne hardtail
re: And today's poll is...Doc
Aug 24, 2001 9:44 AM
Hujsak Custom 853 pro team steel. About 18 pounds.
re: And today's poll is...Rich Clark
Aug 24, 2001 10:06 AM
I guess I can't answer, because I don't race. Well, I race busses. Sometimes I race garbage trucks. On my bike, I mean.


2001 Airborne Carpe Diem, Surley Cross fork, Ultegra and XTR, Mavic 519 w/Conti TT 2000, Ritchey Pro kit

2000 Novara Randonee, Tiagra, Sora, and LX, Mavic 221 w/Avocet CrossK, Nitto stem, Salsa bars, Ritchey seatpost
re: And today's poll is...goathead1
Aug 24, 2001 11:59 AM
1999 Cannondale CAAD4 with Ksyriums, Dura Ace 9, BCD carbon seatpost 16.5 lbs

1999 Litespeed Natchez, 105 9sp triple, Spox wheelset - 19 lbs

1999 Lemond Zurich, Campy Daytona 9 sp, Helium wheelset - 19 lbs

1998 GT ZR-3000, Dura-Ace 8sp 20 lbs

1993 GT Corrado rigid MTB, 23 lbs

197X Dawes (with really ugly paint job), Shimano 600 6sp, ??? lbs