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Alaris vs. Vamoots(7 posts)

Alaris vs. VamootsPeleton Pedro
Aug 23, 2001 6:06 PM
Any Alaris owners out there who'd like to pass along their experiences? The Seven website and brochure focus on the Axiom and offer very little (one pix between the two) on the Alaris. Yes, I know it's the same geometry but substitutes straight gauge tubing (like the Vamoots) for double butted, but how's it perform? And while we're there - how do the Alaris and Vamoots compare/contrast?
re: Alaris vs. Vamootsbike_junkie
Aug 23, 2001 8:53 PM
With a Seven you pay for the glossy catalog and quite a bit of hype, but I've heard of a few misaligned or otherwise poor riding Sevens out there. 2 Sola mtb's, and an Odonata for sure. The owners say that Seven wasn't so great after the sale in rectifying the problem, which is disturbing when you pay $2k+ for a frame. I researched Seven heavily and spoke with them quite a bit, they are great before the sale and I think 98% of their frames are top notch. But my Seven dealer also carries Serotta and Moots (oh joy!).

Long story short, I now own a Serotta, and I think you should not overlook their straight-gauge frame, the Classique Ti. It's a wonderful frame, and a real Serotta, with all the finish and custom options of the Legend Ti available (at a price of course). It'll have the stable handling and descending on rails behavior that Serottas are known for. It'll be about $300 less than a VaMoots give or take a bit.

My previous bike to the Serotta was a VaMoots. Nobody puts out anything closer to perfection in a frame than Moots. I've had a YBB as well, and every frame that leaves Moots is aligned and finished perfect. The welds look nicer than anything out there, and I'm including all the Serottas and Sevens I've seen. This doesn't mean the welds are 'better', just real sweet to look at. In a straight-gauge frame, if you don't mind the beadblast finish and (IMO ugly) blue-white stripe decals on the new ones, then you can't beat a Moots.

So if you want straght-guage (a good choice IMHO) I'd say decide what you want to spend, and what you like the looks of, and choose between
the Serotta Classique and the VaMoots. In general, my Moots rode stiffer and handled quicker than my Serotta, but it's not really a fair comparison as the Moots was a stock frame, while my Legend Ti is custom and uses butted tubing. My Serotta rides smoother, and is more confidence inspiring everywhere. It looks meaner too.
a little disingenuous???dizzy
Aug 23, 2001 11:19 PM
serrota doesn't have a glossy catalog or a hype machine???? get real!!
VERY disingenuousgordonley
Aug 24, 2001 8:56 AM
I'm a little tired of people trying to validate their own purchases(or ownership dreams) by trashing the competition. seven/moots/serrota all make some of the best ti bikes out there. you can't go wrong with any of them. They all have catalogs and marketing people. 2% of sevens are not made well??????? what facts do you have for that number??? back to the original question....the main difference between straight and butted is that butted can more easily be configured to help achieve strength points in a is also a little more expensive and lighter. Either the alaris or moots will serve you well There have been other threads that compare seven/moots/serrota and the more intelligent ones will focus on things other than the frames themselves as they are ALL good!!!
hold on...bike_junkie
Aug 24, 2001 9:20 AM
All I said was that I've seen examples of some very unhappy 7 owners that 7 didn't take care of, and I've never seen this with Serotta. That's it! The 98% number, well okay, I pulled it out of my a$$.
I never said Sevens weren't great bikes in any of my posts, but in my opinion, you pay more for ads, hype, and marketing than you do with Moots or Serotta. Few people realize that Serotta is just as small a company as Seven, (and Moots is smaller than either).

Want a straight gauge frame and money is no object? Moots!
re: Alaris vs. VamootsMootsman
Aug 24, 2001 6:14 AM
Moots does not bead blast their frames. They use a very fine 'glass' blast. It's quite different and 3x's the cost of bead. (There are dozens of blast mediums depending on need). Glass leaves a very nice, smooth, durable finish and is much superior to most any other ti finish. I personally think the new graphics are very nice. Subtle, classy, and very Moots. Silver-grey/blue/white.
Just a suggestionPete2
Aug 24, 2001 8:57 AM
The Alaris replaced the S-8 in the Seven line, and I was told by a LBS that sells Seven's, it was only a name change for marketing purposes. Other than that they are the same, so maybe ask about the S-8 as a way of getting a sense of what the Alaris is like.