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Relocating to Houston, want to be near bike routes........(12 posts)

Relocating to Houston, want to be near bike routes........shrubb
Aug 23, 2001 8:48 AM
Looking for an area inside or outside the loop which is close to road bike routes and or mountain biking. Neighborhood also important as am relocating from NYC. Thanks
The WoodlandsE3
Aug 23, 2001 9:05 AM
"The Woodlands" is a planned community just north of Houston on I-45. It's a beautiful, clean area with various road routes leading out of the city. The Woodlands Bike Club is very strong and sponsors scheduled weekend rides and other events.

My inlaws live there, so that's how I know about the area. I keep a bike there for my visits.
re: Relocating to Houston, want to be near bike routes........SteveS
Aug 23, 2001 9:10 AM
E3 has it right about the Woodlands, one of the best developments in the Houston area with the only easy access that I know, straight from your door to decent road riding. Mountain biking is a different deal. I hope you have reconned the area if you are moving from NYC because it will be enormous geographic/culture shock. It is flat, very flat around here. You need to west and north of Houston to get some undulations we call hills. However, the Woodlands is clearly the best bet for a rider.
re: Relocating to Houston, want to be near bike routes........Pyg Me
Aug 23, 2001 9:23 AM
What part of Houston are you moving to? Woodlands has nice road biking. Kingwood is pretty good too. I ride right out of my door in Kingwood and do 50 to 100 mile rides.

Tell us what part of Houston you are moving to and we'll point you inthe right direction.
re: Relocating to Houston, want to be near bike routes........shrubb
Aug 23, 2001 9:29 AM
Am moving in a month to no particular area but would like to have some sort of neighborhood or city flavor with road bike accessible and safe roads. May be asking too much...
re: Relocating to Houston, want to be near bike routes........Tylerman
Aug 23, 2001 9:30 AM
Your best bet would be on the West side of town, somewhere along I10/Memorial near Beltway 8. The Ant Hills and Memorial park are within riding distance (generally considered the best MTB trails around) and there is West Oaks mall from which several groups of riders all during the week and weekend do road work from 30 to 120 miles.
re: Relocating to Houston, want to be near bike routes........DCP
Aug 23, 2001 9:48 AM
There are bike lanes being placed on existing roads in quite a few areas of the city. has some information. There is so little cycling on the streets here that the bike lanes give me little comfort.

The Woodlands is a very nice area. It is somewhat distant from the city. Depends on where you work and your tolerance for a commute.

There are excellent mountain biking trails in Memorial Park inside the loop to the west of downtown. There are other trails, Ant Hills, to the west outside the loop. I am not too familiar with other trails, but check the mountain bike review web site.

As for road biking, the Houston Bicycle Club and the Northwest Cycling Club have rides on Saturdays and Sundays, usually to the west and northwest, all well outside the loop and sometimes pretty distant (trying to find hills). There is also a Space City Cycling Club, which I think focuses on the area around Clear Lake (to the south), but since I live west, I'm don't know too much about them.

For the most part, I drive out of the area to road bike and ride my MTB on trails and sidewalks in the city.
re: Space City Cycling ClubTig
Aug 23, 2001 11:29 AM
You may want to live as close to your work as possible, but you didn't tell us where. The Woodlands and Kingwood are excellent places to live and ride from.

The SCCC is located in the Clear Lake area south of Houston where NASA is. The club is 19 years old and has Tuesday and Thursday 6 PM fast rides on the service road of I-45 towards Galveston and back. The Saturday morning "fitness" rides are 40-65 plus miles in 3 different pace groups on a route that goes west to Alvin and back through Dickinson. The Sunday group rides are similar but tend to stay in a single group. We try to ride different places on Sunday to get out of town and enjoy the countryside, or to places along Galveston Bay like the San Jacinto Monument/Battleship Texas. This fun group is large and ranges from beginners to retired Cat 1 riders.
re: Space City Cycling Clubshrubb
Aug 23, 2001 12:32 PM
I'll be working downtown around Louisiana st if that helps.
re: work locationTig
Aug 23, 2001 12:54 PM
Since you will be working in downtown (that's what we call the center of any city in Texas!), you can live where you want. I think The Woodlands has commuter vanpools and many places around town are near a METRO Park & Ride. Depending on the bus route's distance to downtown, a month long ticket costs about $100-120. These are comfy Greyhound type buses. The cost of contract parking is about the same as the bus, but you have to drive through nasty traffic and pay for gas and maintenance on your vehicle. The bus travels much faster on a enclosed high occupancy vehicle lane and passes the traffic. A MUCH better way to work downtown! Relax and read the paper in the morning, then relax and leave work back at the office in the afternoon. You can even store a bike in the luggage compartment of the bus!
In that case . . .DCP
Aug 23, 2001 1:17 PM
there are no easy answers. You need to get to downtown, which means a commute if you want to live in a more bike friendly suburb, like The Woodlands or Kingwood. There is a pretty good bus system for commuters to downtown (Park & Ride) from both areas and from other areas too. I have to have a car at work, which means that I live fairly close to downtown (at least by Houston standards). I drive to get to safer road biking areas.
no bike routes where you live now? nmcycleguy
Aug 24, 2001 5:38 AM