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Bridge to Bridge ride. Gearing?(3 posts)

Bridge to Bridge ride. Gearing?Like2bike
Aug 23, 2001 8:46 AM
Has anyone done the NC Bridge to Bridge ride? I was just curious what the gradients are going to be and what kind of gearing I will need? I consider myself a moderate climber, been rideing and raceing for 10 years if that helps.
Thanks Tim
re: Bridge to Bridge ride. Gearing?tommyb
Aug 23, 2001 10:10 AM
I did it last year with a low gear of 38 x 28. This year, with a new bike, I'll use a 39 x 27. The last mile or so up Grandfather is tough, no matter what gearing you have. I'm not sure what the actual gradient is.
re: Bridge to Bridge ride. Gearing?G
Aug 23, 2001 10:42 AM
In my younger days(20's) I used to do this in with a standard 12/23 and a 42 up front. I have sinced realized the error of my ways(older=smarter) and gone to a 39 up front and 12/25(for Grandfather Mtn. a 27 gear would be nice). Either way you will suffer up Grandfather Mtn. The rest of the way is a lot of up and down(which to me is very tiring). The Parkway is excellent for riding-grades and hill lengths are not knee popping. Of course, it's been five years since I have last done the Bridge to Bridge. Maybe I am mentally blocking out the pain. Good luck-it's a fun ride.