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Rust...where is it coming from and should i care?(3 posts)

Rust...where is it coming from and should i care?mlbd
Aug 23, 2001 6:54 AM
i've got a brand new steel frame bike ('02 Lemond BA). the morning after pretty much every ride i notice some rust spattered about the rear wheel (and only the rear wheel). i've ridden in the rain twice but the other times the only source of water has been my camelback (which i don't think is leaking) or occasional puddles. it's on the rim, spokes, hub, and a bit on the cassette. it's spotty as though its splashed from somewhere, but where? could the rims be the source? the cassette? The FRAME?!? should i be concerned and/or check with my LBS? by the way, the wheels are the new bontrager copies of the rolf vectors.

re: Rust...where is it coming from and should i care?rwna
Aug 23, 2001 7:22 AM
it could depend on if the frame has vent holes at the bottow of the seat stays. i know some old trek steel had these (when trek actually made nice steel bikes). if so, the rust might come from there and you can spray some framesaver/prestone metal protector, etc in there every now and again.
Rust never sleeps!MB1
Aug 23, 2001 8:22 AM
The next time you notice rust don't wipe it off. Take it back to the shop and have them write it up and inspect the frame. Keep a copy of the paperwork this sets you up for a possible warranty replacement if it is ever needed.

Very likely it is just something coming out of one of the vent holes in the frame and is not a problem or it can be easily fixed. However if the flux was not thoroughly cleaned (usually for production frames by dipping in hot water then drying the frame with hot air) off the frame after welding you could have paint and other problems soon.

Trek & Lemonade have good warranty policies and will take care of you if there is a problem so don't be too worried. Might as well do everything right though.