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Litespeed L in the dropouts(2 posts)

Litespeed L in the dropoutsChris Zeller
Aug 22, 2001 1:29 PM
Ever since I came over to roadbiking I've been frustrated with the way manufacturers limit the use of their top-end bikes by not including eyelets in the dropouts to mount a rack. I realize that none of these ultralights will be great touring rigs, but what if you want to mount a rack for commuting with a 5-10 lb courier bag? All that's needed is a threaded hole in the dropouts--you can mount the top of the rack to the seatposts if need be. For a while I was convinced that strength requirements percluded drilling out the dropouts.

Then I saw the Litespeed with the trendy L carved in the dropouts. Sure it looks cool, but give us a simple eyelet that we can use!

Rant off.
Don't knock Litespeed for that...TJeanloz
Aug 23, 2001 4:31 AM
Litespeed will braze eyelets onto any one of their frames for ~$50. They carve the 'L' in there to look cool, and market it to racers and racer wannabes. So it's easy to get a Litespeed with eyelets; you just can't get one on an end-of-the-year blowout like everybody seems to think is their right.

Eyelets are sort of an industry taboo on 'racing bikes'; you try to sell a customer on the performance of a bike, but when they see eyelets, they know it's a touring bike at heart.