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Daytona or Ultegra??(3 posts)

Daytona or Ultegra??RichardJenkins
Aug 22, 2001 11:56 AM
I've very near to deciding on a bike and think it is now coming down to the group I choose. Bianchi Veloce with Daytona or Lemond BA with Ultegra.

Can you help??

re: Daytona or Ultegra??doctor pavemento
Aug 22, 2001 12:31 PM
i like ultegra. its a great group, works well, no problemos. i think it is a notch above daytona from an objective standpoint in terms of weight and performance.

btw, i think the BA is a great deal. since lemond ran out of 105 groups, they are specing ultegra with a great frame and good wheels. if the bike feels good to you, i would go lemond.
I prefer Daytona butgrandemamou
Aug 23, 2001 3:15 AM
You really should try them both out yourself. While the basic principal is the same the execution is quite different. I tried both groupsets when looking at frames. I did not care for the Ultegra. I tried it on different bikes from different shops and found the shifting wasn't as precise as Daytona. Probably had to do with the feel of the shifting action. Shimano was smoother and Campy had a more mechanical feel. I prefered the "feel" of Campy.

I would try out both sets to see what you prefer. I agree with the other poster in that the frame is much more important. You can always upgrade or change drive trains later but the frame is the heart of the bike. No groupset can make an ill fitting frame a great ride.