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OK, the Calfee made it to my LBS but I can't see it until...(10 posts)

OK, the Calfee made it to my LBS but I can't see it until...MrCelloBoy
Aug 22, 2001 11:55 AM
my stoker (who happens to be bankrolling the bulk of this venture, bless her strong little heart) gets home from errands!

The suspense is killing me!
many times, wanting a thing is as good or better than having itHaiku d'état
Aug 22, 2001 11:59 AM
maybe not in this case...!
please, keep us posted on every single step...OK
Aug 22, 2001 12:10 PM
I want to hear about the first ride, crash, etc.
I was headed out the door to go see it when...MrCelloBoy
Aug 22, 2001 12:26 PM
I forgot to open the front glass door, and knocked myself out cold.
Doctor says the resulting blodd clot in my brain would cause a fatal aneurysm if I push my heart rate beyond 80 bpm.

Maury clutches his head and collapses to the floor.

"Oh, it was all a terrible dream!"

There are so many scary possibilities that I've decided to put it in a glass case and make believe we go on rides...
can you post a picwink
Aug 22, 2001 1:00 PM
Celloboy, can you post a pic of this bike with the stoker? You are bragging a lot about both. Share the images with the board so we can formulate our own opinions....thanks
A most Excellent Idea...MrCelloBoy
Aug 22, 2001 1:21 PM
I was certainly going to post pic of the bike itself, but one of both of us as well would be a fair request!

I'll make sure she wears one of her sports-bra combos!

Yeah baby, YEAH!
Thanks for accomodating the boardwink
Aug 22, 2001 1:30 PM
Celloboy, myself and the rest of the road bike nerds on this board will be most grateful when you post. Thank for your enthusiastic response to my request. Just one more, while we all appreciate the sport bra poses, please do not sacrfice the leg shots! Again thanks for your consideration.
I Am Celloboy!.... And...MrCelloBoy
Aug 22, 2001 2:49 PM
I'm all over it, her, I mean....
I'll do it !
I mean... Pictures will follow. I might even slip one on tomorrow of just the frameset!
We would like to see "both" framesets!wink
Aug 22, 2001 3:28 PM
Celloboy, mutliple angles of both frame sets would be a welcome addition. Again, thanks for enthusiastically agreeing to my request. I hope that both framesets exceed our expectations. Please do not let us down ....IMPRESS US!
Keep us updated.MB1
Aug 23, 2001 5:01 AM
I would be interested to know about the ride (of the bike) and what this thing is going to cost per mile. Give us a ride report after you get below $10.00 per mile. You should have a good idea of its strengths and weaknesses by then.

After 2 years of hard riding we finally got the actual cost of our Ti Tandem below $1.00 per mile. It is worth it but cost is an interesting way to think about our recreation.