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I have a new job, I ride to work, I crashed last week.(3 posts)

I have a new job, I ride to work, I crashed last week.mk_42
Aug 22, 2001 11:36 AM
I haven't really been around the board much (not that most of you can tell since I'm not a realy frequent poster) but I thought I'd let my virtual bike friends know what's up:
I have a new job (read: "I'm buying bike stuff as we speak"). I started last week and I ride to work. It's a great ride: 3 miles on an asphalt bike path (no cars), 4 miles smooth concrete bike path (no cars) and two miles on road (about half of which has a bike path). I think that I let that route play a bigger part in my job selection than I would like to admit. Thanks again to everyone who gave me tips about bike commuting.
Last friday on the way *in* to work I had my first commuting crash. All my fault: I made too sharp of a turn on some sand. I landed on my helmeted head and then slid some. The bike seemed okay, but I'm noticing headset problems now. On me there are small bloody spots in a few places, nothing deep, and one large swath on my arm. It was a pain cleaning all that sand out in a hurry AND have to work all day and then clean it all over again that night. But did I mention that I get to ride twice a day?

Let me leave you with a question for those of you that claim you shave because you don't like picking road grit out of hair: Does that apply to sand? and Do you shave your arms?

My post in haiku:

new job: new bike stuff
new job: riding twice a day
ride, crash, clean wounds, work

Now you don't have to worry about itRich Clark
Aug 22, 2001 12:54 PM
You've had your first crash, it's over, you can move on.

And screw shaving. Scars are sexy.

Was that sand on the bike path or the road I bet it was on the path. I've always maintained that bike paths are far more dangerous than streets. They're full of children and dogs and skaters, and they lull you to sleep. You want your morning commute to wake you up, get the juices flowing, the synapses crackling, the blood boiling. Find a route that's all traffic, I say.

A little road rash never hurt anyone. But get that headset checked out: indexed steering is a bug, not a feature!

more about the crashing and some thoughtsmk_42
Aug 22, 2001 4:13 PM
It wasn't my first crash, was my first crash commuting, but in a lot of ways it's the same. For some reason I just thought I wouldn't crash riding to work. On the weekend, yeah. On the way home, maybe. But to work? "Crashing" and "going to work" somehow just didn't go together in my head.
Funny thing: when I went down (perhaps even before I technically hit the ground) I thought "this would have been much more convenient on the way *home*".
Screw shaving indeed. I always thought the "crash cleanup" reasoning was bunk but the question definitely popped in my head, do these people shave their arms?