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Best road bike for around $2000?(9 posts)

Best road bike for around $2000?Brent Hilgefort
Aug 21, 2001 6:13 PM
Anyone wanna help me buy a road bike for around $2000? Know of any killer deals?

Steelman SR 525 w/ChorusHank
Aug 21, 2001 6:29 PM
and you should have plenty of money left over for beer.
Aug 21, 2001 6:41 PM
$925 frame/fork

cheap Chorus here:
Lots of good options out there ...bianchi boy
Aug 21, 2001 7:03 PM
Go to and look at his selection of frames. GVH has lots of nice Italian and American frames in the $700 range, and with a Campy Chorus (or Ultegra) build kit, you could easily find something for $2,000 or less. Other good options are the Tomassini Sintesi w/Ultegra sold by or the Gios frames w/Chorus kits sold by The LeMond Zurich is another nice bike that you should be able to get in local bike shops for less than $2,000. (As you may have noticed, my bias is toward quality steel frames.)

First find out what your ideal frame size and geometry is with a bike fitting, and then start looking for bikes. No point getting your heart set on a Colnago or LeMond, only to find out the geometry or sizes don't fit you. I went through this process a few months ago, with the same budget amount, and finally settled on a Gios Compact Pro w/ Chorus from Excel. There were lots of nice bikes in that price range, but the Gios geometry fit me best. I started out looking at a LeMond Zurich from a LBS, but the geometry was all wrong for me.
good post (nm)Hank
Aug 21, 2001 9:42 PM
Amen ...Breezydz
Aug 22, 2001 4:47 AM
Similar process and similar bias led me to a Jeffrey Lyon w/Chorus from GVH. Finding a bike that fits and does what you want it to do very well should be fun at this price range.
Here's another good option -- a great dealNiwot
Aug 22, 2001 7:37 AM

Cervelo Prodigy, nice steel frame, Ultegra gruppo, $1399 complete.
Steel Tommasini w/Campagnolo 9sp Chorus - what else could it be?42/52 Kelly
Aug 21, 2001 10:30 PM
Go TiChris Zeller
Aug 22, 2001 7:21 AM
Believe it or not there are lots of good Ti bikes out there in this pricecrange. The Airborne Zepplin (racebike) or Carpe Diem (cyclocross/touring) go for around $2000 with Ultegra, slightly more for Dura-Ace. You can pick and choose your components, something you can't do on other bikes. check out I love my Airborne, the ride quality is superior to anything that I've test ridden--carbon, aluminum, or steel. has a Ti Douglas in Ultegra and Dura Ace for around this price. I haven't ridden these but with double butted Ti and top quality components I'll bet they are great.

Sampson sports also sells custom Ti bikes for this pricerange. Their customer service is supposed to be great, and good reviews in Bicycling on the Silverton this month.

I think Ti bikes provide a much better ride than anything else out there--they combine the best of both worlds, steel in ride quality with the weight of aluminum.