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Injury Timeout(2 posts)

Injury TimeoutRocco's Big Ride
Aug 21, 2001 2:55 PM
I need some sage advice. I completed Montana Vaccine Ride, 550 miles in 7 days. I irritated my Right rhomboid muscle under my shoulder blade on the first training ride last week 8/14. I have been in varying degrees of spasm since.Can't ride. It has impacted on the entire right shoulder. Treated with meds, Motrin, Skalaxin, Soma/Codiene, whirlpool, accpuncture and chiroprctor. I have been getting better, but slowly. How bad off will I be to not have trained in a month prior to Canada/US, 400 miles in 5 days. Riding in my drops irritates the hell out of it and that was just going 200 feet. Should I put straight bars on my road bike or use my GT hybrid and be thankful for it's grannie gear and straight up rid?. I know this is a stretch but I truely want to ride but not hurt myself either. Any and all your thoughts are welcome. Thanks Rocco
re: Injury TimeoutDINOSAUR
Aug 21, 2001 8:22 PM
I was off my bike for two solid months last year due to a bad crash.
When I got better about the only thing I could do was walk. So I walked, up to about two hours a day. Then I hit the weights, which was a bitc*, as I had fractured five ribs. When I finally got back on my bike, the first couple of weeks I took it easy, then in no time it felt like I had never been off. Hmmmm, I see checking back on your post you have a hybrid? Seems like that's better than not riding at all, you wouldn't lose your leg strength. IMHO it took me about three weeks until I felt like things were clicking again. Of course, half of my problem was the fear of crashing again, and it took a while until I felt comfortable. Heck, you can do it, look at what Lance Armstrong did. This might not be much help, but good luck!