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why is it taking me longer to warm up?(13 posts)

why is it taking me longer to warm up?Spinchick
Aug 21, 2001 8:01 AM
I spent the first 10 miles this morning thinking I wasn't going to make it. What's that all about??? Usually I'm pretty much raring to go after a 4 to 5 mile warm up. Finally, after a HUGE effort up a not so big hill, I was able to settle in the a slightly faster pace than normal. PLUS, I rode ten more than my usual ride because I just didn't want to stop. So I ended up riding faster and longer on a ride that initally felt like I had two lead cannons where my legs should have been. Is it normal for your warm-up time to increase as your fitness increases?
re: why is it taking me longer to warm up?DINOSAUR
Aug 21, 2001 8:03 AM
Perhaps it's because it's because the temperature is dropping due to the season, and also the better shape you are in the longer it takes to warm up...
Somedays you eat the bear...UncleMoe
Aug 21, 2001 8:25 AM
somedays the bear eats you.

Not sure what I mean by that, but it sounds darn good. I was in the same boat this morning, but I think I was feeling some effects of an 80 mile ride on Sunday. Somedays our bodies just don't want to do what we expect of them.

Look at it this way, compared to an everyday Joe, I bet you looked like an olympic champion.
Recovery?Jon Billheimer
Aug 21, 2001 8:29 AM
Sounds like maybe you weren't completely recovered from your previous day's or previous week's rides.
Aug 21, 2001 8:32 AM
I was thinking that inititally too. But I took yesterday off completely. And, would it make sense that I ended up riding faster and longer if I wasn't completely recovered?
It seems as if...Mabero
Aug 21, 2001 8:42 AM
It's like the engine was quiet for a day and just needed to be revved up a little till it started to purr...

We are in the same boat. I notice the same thing. I especially notice I need a longer warm up when I didn't ride the previous day. It just seems like my muscles are really relaxed but haven't been stretched therefore getting really tight. You know what I mean?

To countour this I have been trying to stretch as often I can when I have a complete recovery day. This way the muscles aren't getting tight but are getting elongated without aerobic exercise. Also for my off days I have encorporated a little 10 minute spin (spin not interval work!) on the rollers to warm up the muscles and then I have a good long stretch.

Has it worked? Stretching works, but I don't notice any benefit of the 10 minute spin yet. I am experimenting with what is the most beneficial for my body when I am not out on the roads other than stretching.

Just my thoughts, but if you stretch for while you are watching T.V. or eating (if you are on the floor), when you go to the bathroom, etc, you can stretch during the day a whole bunch of times.
Recovery?Jon Billheimer
Aug 21, 2001 12:05 PM
Yeah you might, but Mabero's suggestion has merit too. Sometimes when you take a day off your body goes into healing mode and starts to shut down. Which is why racers very often do a short, intense workout the day before a race to get the legs back up in racing mode again.

The way you can tell is to monitor today and tomorrow's rides. Are you feeling good and back up to par or are you still feeling sluggish? If the latter, then you need some more R & R. If the former, then you're the type that goes into "sleep mode" after a day off. Sometimes, in that case, a little active recovery on days off actually helps. Works for me. I often do a VERY light 45 min. to 1 hr. spin on flat terrain on days off and actually end up feeling better.
The rest day you took yesteredaypeloton
Aug 21, 2001 8:05 PM
Sometimes when you have been putting in lots of miles, or lots of intensity a rest day can shut you down. Your body goes into deep recovery mode, and the next day back on the bike can be tough. You will probably feel better tomorrow. That's why even in the Grand Tours the riders go out for a ride during the rest days. It keeps the legs from filling up with toxins and lactic acid.
re: why is it taking me longer to warm up?steeveo
Aug 21, 2001 8:44 AM
Happens to me when I've been overextending. Usually an indication I need rest. Rest is good.
I have to agree. Rest is good.Live Steam
Aug 21, 2001 11:42 AM
I had been putting in more miles and harder miles this season. A few weeks ago I was finding it more difficult to get started and to maintain my usual pace. The weather here in NYC was brutal last week, with the temp reaching +100 for a few days. Then the rain came and on the days it didn't rain I couldn't find the time to ride. Well guess what? A week out of the saddle has completely rejuvenated me. I am spinning and hammering for longer distances and faster times than ever before. I know it's hard to stay off the bike especially when the weather is good and, depending upon your location, with cold wintery months just ahead, but it just plain does the body justice. Even our muscles need some R&R. :-)
Thanks for your thoughts on thisSpinchick
Aug 21, 2001 5:07 PM
I guess I'll find out this week if rest is indeed the answer since the little biker's preschool is closed for the week. No chance to ride until Saturday. It's going to be a long week....
This Week's PrognosisJon Billheimer
Aug 21, 2001 5:45 PM
Overtraining beats Bicycle-withdrawal induced depression. Our thoughts are with you!
Is it really only Wednesday? (wimper, whine) :-( (nm)Spinchick
Aug 22, 2001 6:35 AM