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sampson,Dean,merlin ect........(7 posts)

sampson,Dean,merlin ect........just wondering
Aug 21, 2001 3:48 AM
Whats the deal with Sampson Ti bikes. The prices seem to incredible. Specs, frame materials ect... seem similiar to most others. Is it just all others are so overpriced. Anyone have any thoughts on Dean Ti bikes, as they look solid too me. And lastly, Merlin. $3,400 for th Merlin Road with ultegra. I can get the sampson with DA or record for $2,900. I have seen may posts for serotta and prices quoted to be $3,500. Where I live the serotta LBS has quoted me with a mixture of components(XTR,ultegra,ect) at $4,000 for the mid level of the Ti frames.Any thoughts on these choices.
Silverton is ....mtnrogue
Aug 21, 2001 4:52 AM
their newer ti frame. I have researched it some, and appears their pricing is a result of their frame not being as finely worked as say a Merlin. Call Sampson, they are will answer your questions.

re: sampson,Dean,merlin ect........Lone Gunman
Aug 21, 2001 5:40 AM
Thumbing through the September issue of Bicycling, Sampson Silverton reviewed by Garrett Lai. He called it a steal. $999 for the frame, buying direct from factory, paint optional. Airborne is getting solid press as well. While you're at it, Douglas from Colorado Cyclist or Macalau through Excel. I guess the difference is good and great.
re: sampson,Dean,merlin ect........G
Aug 21, 2001 5:41 AM
I currently ride both a Dean Scout(made by Sandvik/TST-looks and rides like a frame that cost twice as much) and a Dean El Diente(not as "worked" as the Litespeed it replaced, but stiffer and the fit is better suited for me). You get what you pay for with Serotta and Merlin-craftsmanship, etc. Dean and Sampson-you get a frame that is not as "pretty" and probably some differences in ride characteristics. I am guessing here having never ridden a Merlin or Serotta, but I have ridden several Litespeeds, a Seven, and a Ti Cycles custom. Is that difference worth the extra cost?-some say yes, I say no. My riding doesn't justify spending the money and I don't think I could tell the difference anyway. I don't think you will be disappointed no matter which of those bikes you choose. Happy hunting.
Sampsonterry b
Aug 21, 2001 6:11 AM
Less expensive because they are small, direct and not so chi chi. I've been riding a Sampson for 3 years - it's a great bike, fast supple and comfortable for long days in the saddle. Did I sacrifice some ride quality? Perhaps, but since it's the only Ti bike I've owned I have nothing to compare it againt and so it really doesn't matter. I will say this, it compares favoably with my Pinarello that cost nearly twice as much. As a company, Sampson is fantastic. Helpful, courteous and accessible.
deja vu?bike_junkie
Aug 21, 2001 7:09 AM
Lots of posts regarding DEAN and Sampson lately. Same guy, different handle maybe? Check the older messages, this topic has been covered alot.
rode a Sampson Z7rib-eye
Aug 21, 2001 3:38 PM
I think that's the correct model number. I hope I don't offend current Sampson owners...the ride is not nearly as refined and the frame build is far from the artistry you see with every other ti frame I've seen. For example, the welds look like came right off my old Taiwan mass-produced GT mtn bike. Yep, they are nice guys and have good prices, but unless you can see/ride one first I'd proceed with caution.