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Saddle problems(6 posts)

Saddle problemsTiDie
Aug 20, 2001 6:12 AM
I'm currently using a Selle Italia Flite gel saddle. It doesn't feel uncomfortable (I've never had to stop riding due to pain or discomfort), however after 70+ mile rides I will notice some pinch swelling on the left side of my groin. It would appear that my skin is getting pinched between the saddle and my leg. I've tried several different styles of shorts (bib, thick padding, thin ...) and it hasn't helped. At this point I have to assume it's either me or my saddle. Anyone have any recommendations as to what I can do to avoid this? Thanks.
re: Saddle problemsDINOSAUR
Aug 20, 2001 8:17 AM
Try changing the setting of your saddle, 1mm higher or lower, is it level? Sometimes just a 1mm difference will make a difference. Also- this is a real stupid question, but I presume you don't wear underwear underneath your shorts??? The bottom line is (pun intended) you might need a different saddle, the only luck I had with gel was in shorts or gloves. For what it's worth, I experienced all kinds of problems with two different saddles until I found one that worked for me. It's like putting frosting on the cake...
re: Saddle problemsTiDie
Aug 20, 2001 3:45 PM
I guess I'll fiddle with the seat height a little bit and see if it helps. Right now it's pretty level, at one point I had the tip sloped up just a bit but that didn't work out well at all. I don't wear anything under my shorts. Thanks.
re: Saddle problemsDINOSAUR
Aug 20, 2001 9:15 PM
The saddle I'm currently using is sort of confusing. You can't tell if it's perfectly level unless I use a small carpenters level to check. If I go by site alone, it's nose is tipped up just a tad. You might try carrying a hex wrench with you when you ride and if you get a gut feeling on your position, stop and try it. As long as it isn't too drastic of a change it won't hurt anything, and you'll be amazed what a couple of mm's will do in a setting. Or you just might have to try a different saddle. There is no one cure that suits all, it's all experimentation on your part...
re: Saddle problemsLone Gunman
Aug 20, 2001 10:47 AM
I am sort of in the same situation as you except the pain and cause are different so I am searching for a new saddle. My thoughts are that the last few years, saddles have been getting more narrow than in the past. After measuring all the saddles sitting around collecting dust, I am trying the widest that I own (160mm). And I probably will buy/try a Brooks Pro also 160mm if this experiment works out with the currently owned 160mm. Have you tried any of the cremes or Chamois Butter?
re: Saddle problemsTiDie
Aug 20, 2001 3:52 PM
I haven't tried any Chamois butter, but I have been using bacitracin and vasiline. Maybe that stuff is breaking down on longer rides.