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THE LOOK...and cycling in general(4 posts)

THE LOOK...and cycling in generalM4 Lou
Aug 3, 2001 11:40 PM
You know no one has really brought this up, but the look was the epitome of sports in a single instance. I was looking at the picture and there is The All American boy Lance Armstrong. How american is that name "Armstrong", and there he is riding for the freakin UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, on a bike that read AMERICAN BICYCLE TECHNOLOGY, wearing the biggest name in american sports, NIKE. Not to mention he is wearing his american colored OAKLEYS. Behind him there he is the wunderkind Jan Ullrich. In ADIDAS, on a european bike, riding for GERMAN TELECOMUNICATIONS (yeah i know deustche telecom). This is what I dont understand, people dont watch cycling. OLN doesnt eve come on where I live in MS. However, it is everything americans love, an American born and bred beating the germans (and all of europe for that matter) at their own game. Its the LE TOUR DE FRANCE, and here is the postal service, yeah the frickin USPS beating all these europeans. People watch the Olympics and it is heavily covered by major networks, and all that is is oddball sports with americans. People watch the world cup because it is such a big deal and you see almost no americans. However, the tour is a huge deal and you dont see anyone but cyclists watching it. I just dont get it.
re: THE LOOK...and cycling in generalCar Magnet
Aug 21, 2001 2:12 PM
What about the Shimano parts on Lance's bike? I think they're made in Japan (somebody back me up). Nike? They have never manufactured one freakin' pair of shoes in the US. I am resigned to the fact that cycling will never catch on in the mainstream US. Usually it takes another cyclist to really comprehend the sport. The only thing we can do is get out and keep pedaling, promote the sport ourselves. Although it would help to have a few major US sponsors. This year in my area, I am happy to say that there are many new faces on the road. The question is how many will I see as it gets colder? Next year will those new faces be seasoned faces or will their bikes be in the classified or on ebay?
Nike used to make shoes in USriptile
Aug 4, 2001 5:29 PM
Just a minor correction Nike shoes were made in the US at one time. I had some and they had a "MADE IN US" label on them. About 1982 or so they began making some in Korea and then soon after that they all went overseas. Now Nike changes countries about 2 years depending on where the cheapest slave labor is.
Nike used to make shoes in USCar Magnet
Aug 5, 2001 2:35 AM
I had some back in the day. I honestly can't remember if they were made in the US or not. I do remember an article in either Fortune or US News that did say that they have never had a manufacturing plant in the US. But, I'll take your word for it and stand corrected.