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June Lake / Mammoth rides?(3 posts)

June Lake / Mammoth rides?mr_spin
Jul 30, 2001 7:15 AM
I'll be there in late August. Will probably bring both road and mountain bikes. Anyone know some great trails and/or road rides?
re: June Lake / Mammoth rides?Markar
Jul 30, 2001 1:31 PM
I haven't ridden my bike up there but I know the area pretty well from fishing excursions. Here are some thoughts for road rides.
I don't think there is much road riding in Mammoth proper other than riding up to some of the lakes higher up or venturing out onto 395 and heading up to June Lake. [There is mountain bikeing galore at Mammoth. You can take the ski gondola to the top of the mountain.] You could do the June Lake Loop which I think would be pretty nice and you could backtrack if you wanted to stay off of 395. I have seen guys doing the climb from Lee Vining up to Tioga Pass. This looks pretty challenging. You might look at the route for the High Sierra Fall Century ( for some ideas. If you like to climb I would think any of the roads going up any of the canyons would do it i.e. Lone Pine to Whitney Portal, Bishop to South Lake, 395 to Rock Creek Lake is really pretty.
Jul 30, 2001 4:49 PM
My traditional first day in town road ride: from town, ride up Lake Mary road to the end of the road at Horseshoe Lake; turn around, ride back to Minaret Rd. (1st light) and turn left; ride up to Minaret Vista, 1 mile past the ski area and enjoy the view! From there, back downhill, almost to town, turn off at Mammoth Scenic Drive and go to Hwy 395. Turn south, exit at 203 and return to town. That's somewhere close to 40 miles, lots of climbing.

From town, ride back down 203 to 395, south on 395 to the green church. Head east on Barton Crossing Rd - go as far as you like. The parking lot at the back of Crowley Lake makes a nice 40 mile roundtrip. Go further, and you'll get more climbing. There's a great 50+ mph downhill a few more miles up that road. (Of course, you have to climb back up it to return...)

Or -- go north on 395 to June Lake Loop. Take the southern entrance to June Lake, ride past the lakes on the loop, and then return via 395. That's about 65 miles round trip.

See the century website - That route is a nice century ride, although there is a buttkicker of a hill at the top of the canyon when you turn on to Barton Crossing Road.

Or(I love this ride): drive south to Bishop. Park north of town, ride up Lower Rock Creek Rd. to Tom's place. Beautiful winding, steady climb, with about 3K' elevation gain in about 12 miles. The ride back down is a kick in the pants. I always park at the bottom and climb first, to really earn the downhill ride back. If you're really studly, ride down to Bishop from Mammoth and return, both directions via Lower Rock Creek. About a 60 mile ride if you turn around at the bottom of the grade; closer to 80 if you go all the way to Bishop.

MTB: Well, the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area's bike park is as good as it gets, home of the famed Kamikaze downhill. Website is If you don't want to ride in the Park, there's a trail along Lower Rock Creek that's a blast - parallels the road I described above. Drive just past Tom's Place, park right off of 395. You'll see cars at the trail head. Arrange to be picked up at the bottom of the hill, unless you don't mind grinding back up the hill on the MTB.

It's a great place to ride, unless you insist on having oxygen in the air. You'll top out about 9300' on a road bike, 11,053' if you take the ski area gondola to the top of the Kamikaze course.

Have fun!