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My good deed pays off ...(17 posts)

My good deed pays off ...Humma Hah
Jul 11, 2001 4:34 PM
It was windy today. I had a brisk tailwind on my outbound leg down Prince William Parkway, was clocking about 1.5 mph better than my previous best. Roadbike speeds on a cruiser!

So I knew I'd pay coming back. I was not expecting to break any records.

I passed a jogger a few miles after the turnaround. Just as I passed, I noticed a huge mass of plastic grocery bags swirling in the wind on the shoulder just ahead -- must have just blown out of a passing car. This exceeded my litter tolerance, and I swung off the bike, dropped the kickstand, and started picking them up. I wasn't concerned about losing any time at this point.

So the jogger catches up, comes over to shake my hand. "Thank you," he said. "I'm the county sherriff."

Maybe that'll cut me some slack if I ever get caught ignoring the 8-inch stop-signs they put on the bike path at every driveway.
Jul 11, 2001 4:37 PM
Did he help you?

I'd make sure he knows you. I'd say you earned a "get out of jail free" card.

Now you can say, "I shocked the Sheriff"Dog
Jul 11, 2001 5:32 PM
Just thought of this, and cracked myself up.

The shock would be ...Humma Hah
Jul 11, 2001 5:41 PM
... if it ever came out that he DIDN'T stop to help!

Of course, there's enough here for anyone interested to figure out who he is. I don't know anything about the guy. I live in the City of Manassas: in VA, cities are independent of counties, so I'd not have voted for the county Shire Reeve, especially as I've been out of state for 2.5 years.

Anyway, in eastern VA counties, the sherriff is more of the court's errand boy, handles prisoners, delivers subpoenae, executes evictions, stuff like that. The police do most of the primary law enforcement activity.

The only pay-off I'm after is if he's ever at some official county meeting, where there's an argument about whether bike lanes, etc, are worth the bother, and I've given him a positive attitude about cyclists.
Credit Ballance in your Karma Accountmnky grz
Jul 11, 2001 6:03 PM
Never know when you're going to have to make a heavy withdrawl. ;-)

On hike recntly up in the mountains above Fresno/Shaver Lake area I started collecting trash and stuffing it in my CamelBak. had a pretty good haul when we got home. Just couldn't understand why anyone would toss Bud cans/shot gun/.45 shells in a beautiful place - maybe things go better with beer?
and you didn't say "hi"?Dog
Jul 11, 2001 6:23 PM
Hey, I'm up there almost every weekend, and live right at the edge of Fresno on the way up. If you're over here again, give me a head's up and we'll do some riding.

Sorry...grz minky
Jul 11, 2001 6:46 PM
It was a family wedding thing - we had to sneak off to recon the C2K route.

Doing anything on 7/28? Understand there's a little gala riding event planned out your way - we'll be there!
re: My good deed pays off ...got2ryd
Jul 11, 2001 7:18 PM
prince william co, va? just moved from there a little over a year ago. nice to know other people pick up litter. happy riding!
Don't tell me you ...Humma Hah
Jul 11, 2001 10:04 PM
... moved from here to San Diego?!!

Like Grz, I'm more inclined to pick up litter when riding off-road. There's less of it and I'm usually not traveling quite so fast.
No Message -- just testingWm.
Jul 12, 2001 12:32 AM
re: My good deed pays off ...Bike Fool
Jul 12, 2001 6:09 AM
Humma hah, besides the cruiser riding, you have confirmed to me that you be crazy, riding on the PW parkway?!?! Not near the Dale City side were you?
Crazy? On that lovely bike path?Humma Hah
Jul 12, 2001 9:08 AM
My route is Liberia Ave in Manassas to the Prince William Parkway, from there down past the county admin. complex to the split at Old Bridge Road. That whole stretch of the parkway has a paved bike path about 6-8 ft wide, safe as houses. Even if that were not there, there's enough paved shoulder to allow safe riding on the main road, although the 60 mph traffic would make this a little less pleasant.

I have occasionally continued down Old Bridge about another 5 miles, without benefit of bike path. I could take the turn and continue on PWP beyond that split, and that does have a bike path, although it starts looking more like a sidewalk shortly.

I was raised riding the streets of Richmond, VA. Traffic doesn't bother me much as long as I've got enough pavement that we can share. But the PWP stretch I ride is so ideal, I've sort of settled on it as my base-miles ride. I manage about 1 mph faster, on average, than most of my routes in San Diego, and its much safer than any other Northern Virginia route I've tried.
Crazy? On that lovely bike path?Bike Fool
Jul 12, 2001 9:59 AM
Too cool. I thought you were riding on the road. Does the bike path go all the way from Dale City to Manassas? I may have to be up there next week, that maybe something to try. I've cut my teeth on Davis Ford, Old Bridge and Dale Boulevard, so riding a nice bike path might be the ticket.
Not quite sure how far it goes, but ...Humma Hah
Jul 12, 2001 1:09 PM
... its not a bad road even at the busy end. Down in the vicinity of Potomac Mills where all the shopping centers are, what I saw of the bike path looked more like a sidewalk, but the road is no worse than any urban/suburban 4-6 lane road. But once you get past that, the bike path is very smooth and fast, nicely buffered from the traffic, and kinda pretty, for something like 9-10 miles.

PWP basically replaces Davis Ford Road as the cross-county connector. I haven't been on Davis Ford for years -- never did try riding a bike on it. It was two lanes and carrying too much traffic to suit my tastes.

At my end, Liberia, PWP takes a right angle left, goes several more miles to 234 (Dumfries Road). I've ridden that, too. Most maps show that as an extension of Liberia, but the street signs call it Prince William Parkway. Eventually it looks like they're planning to take it all the way to 28, probably to connect up with the new 234 bypass.
re: My good deed pays off ...TommyBoy
Jul 12, 2001 12:26 PM
My wife an I picked up about 25 lbs of trash from the Indiana Dunes Nat'l Lakeshore beach in about an hour. We were enjoying a nice walk down this beach with our dog, and were astonished at how much trash (most of it dangerous stuff like broken MD 20/20 bottles and flattened beer cans) people just toss on the beach or out of boats! We were lucky to be carrying many plastic grocery bags (for dog poop scooping purposes). Humma Hah... I'm very glad to know that others care as much as I do. It drives me crazy when people feel the need to rid their cars of trash. Evidently they feel more comfortable with the litter out in the world at large!
I get the same way at beaches ...Humma Hah
Jul 12, 2001 1:14 PM
... A few years ago I got back down to Hatteras, NC, for a visit of my childhood vacation haunts. The first thing I noticed at the beach was the trash. I picked it up until I couldn't carry any more, then looked for something I could put it in. Now I try to never visit a beach without a trash bag or two available.

Good for you for picking it up! I'd bet its not hard to find 25 pounds of trash at your typical beach.

Last December, I visited Hawaii. In the evenings, when everyone is off the beaches at Waikiki, they bring out big machines that scoop up the sand and filter out the trash. I'd like to see more of those in use, but its a shame its needed.
Way to Go, Humma Hah!!!rollo tommassi
Jul 12, 2001 2:01 PM
You da man! Your simple act is worth a thousand tailwinds!

I wonder if it would help our politics if bike clubs sponsored roadway cleanup projects? Would drivers be impressed to see "This roadway maintained by XX Bike Club"?