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Looking for a new road/touring bike - need suggestions . . .(5 posts)

Looking for a new road/touring bike - need suggestions . . .Grinder
Jul 11, 2001 7:41 AM
Background - I have a 12 year old Panasonic that has done me good. I stopped riding (1000 miles per year) about 4 years ago for various reasons (got married was one reason).

Now I'm riding again (still married) and am looking for a less then $700 road/touring bike. Are there any out there?

Also - Every bike I have ever owned I never had a problem balancing (no hands). EXCEPT for my Panasonic! What should I look for that is the cause of this.

re: Looking for a new road/touring bike - need suggestions . . .Steve Bailey
Jul 11, 2001 7:56 AM
Do you want a "real" touring bike - I.E. racks, panniers, big tires, fenders, for un-supported loaded touring ?, or a road bike for comfortable rides on paved roads, sometimes hilly terrain, etc...

The former can be found in an REI Randonee touring bike at $630. Designed and built for the former. Others exist also, Raleigh R300, Fuji, and getting pricier - Bianchi, Trek 520, C-Dale's T800, Bruce Gordon, etc...

Sport-Touring bikes are also available, more otions in this category then pure touring bikes. They often have triple chainrings which get you up steep hills.
Bicycling magazine has a good "Bike Finder" section on their website. Also check a couple of local bike shops

thanks - typically I rideGrinder
Jul 11, 2001 8:07 AM
500 miles a year with one bag and then GRABAAWR or some other 500 mile week long ride so nothing like a completely loaded tour.

SO - I guess not a REAL touring bike. Just not a racing version. What about Giant OC2's. They LOOK cool LOL!

I plan on going to a bike shop but want a little knowledge from others.

thanks again
re: cheap road/touring bikecyclopathic
Jul 11, 2001 8:49 AM
KHS Flite 300, was blowing out '00 for 409$ (+20$ ship). Revival of Trek 520 and Bianchi Volpe

comfy butted 520 CroMo frame, ok parts (better tires must), good paint job lotsa bike for money. To turn it into touring bike you'd need rack (~20-30$), panniers (?) and wider 26-28mm tires.

Giant OCR2 is good bike (I have '98 TCR-1R), but I don't think Al frame is good for touring. Ti and 853 steel bikes tend to be more expensive, so 520 CroMo is the choice

ride hard
re: cheap road/touring bikeSteve Bailey
Jul 11, 2001 7:54 PM
The KHS is more a Sport/Racing bike, then a full blown touring bike like the Trek 520.

Many diffences, some very apparent in the website photo including, short wheel base (look at the lack of space between the rear tire and the seat tube), lack of cantilever brakes, which allow clearance for larger tires AND fenders, a 12/25 cassette, which isn't low enough for loaded touring, etc...

As to the myth of Alu VS. Steel. It's just that - a myth. Treks top tourer used to to be the Alu 540, which was (for a while) made by Klein. Ditto the many, many C-Dale T series frames in existance, all aluminum.
It's not the material, it's a mix of frame design (wheel base, angles), tire size, air pressure in the tires, etc.. that affects the ride.