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I must have a sign on the back of my jersey that says......(28 posts)

I must have a sign on the back of my jersey that says......jayz
Jul 11, 2001 7:37 AM
....."anyone wanna fight me???"
i dont really a nice guy. i obey the traffic laws, i smile at the old ladies on thier porches, i wave to the little kids, and i say hi to the joggers.

but seriously, its rare if i go out for a ride without some sort of conflict. yesterday, i was coming to a stop sign, when a car coming the other way, looks at me, then s-l-o-w-l-y pulls in front of my to take a left hand turn...i yell "hey!!!" a couple of times, pretty loud, and he just ignores me...he pulls into his parking area and gets out of his car, with me giving him the "look of death"..still he just ignores me.

so i am partly worked up about this, when i move up 20 feet to the stop sign, a car with 2 teenage boys pulls by me, sticking thier heads out the window and yelling stuff at me...
i pull on the main road and they continue to do it.. i put my hands up in the air and yell at them to pull over if they got a problem..
they brake, gas, brake, gas, etc...flipping me off...yelling, etc.
so i politely raise both hands, extending my middle fingers, riding for about 200 feet like this, to make sure they get the point..
they pull off on to another road, wait for me to pass, then pull back out..then got stuck behind traffic and never caught back up to me.

give me a break...if you got 2 guys in your car and you start yelling and harrasing one guy on a bike...and then still drive away, you are the worlds biggest wuss!! people should learn to keep thier mouths shut unless they want to back up thier words with action. of course, i would rather they not start with the action either, but still keep thier mouths shut.
i dont know about you guys, but i would never walk into a bar, start insulting and yelling at some guy, then just run out the back door.

i know, i know, i should have just ignored them, etc...
but its just soooo annoying, and if i was any other place and someone started that shite with me, i wouldnt just walk away...why should i have to do that when i am on my bike?

you shouldashitester
Jul 11, 2001 7:45 AM
sprayed them in the face, and the entire interior of car, with some sticky energy drink
re: I must have a sign on the back of my jersey that says......NYrider
Jul 11, 2001 7:45 AM
I've had my fair share of run-ins with drivers and you can basicially never win - of course, if they do stop, and you're bigger than they are, and you scare the shit out of them....but that's not recommended.

I prefer to come up with a few stock replies that are both personally satisfying and insulting/confusing for the drivers - like:

"Better hurry up and get home to beat your wife and kids."

"Hey Luke Duke, the 80s are over."

"Sweet car. Did you have to sell your trailer to buy it?"

"Does Barry Manilow know you raided his wardrobe?"

"Are those your real teeth?"
Us versus ThemDog
Jul 11, 2001 7:51 AM
Part of the problem is that cyclists frequently disobey the law, and cause grief to drivers. That's not always that case, of course, but when someone does, it creates an "Us versus Them" mentality. Just last night, I was riding on a narrow, somewhat heavily trafficed country road, and a group of riders ahead of me (partly my racing buddies) were riding a good 3-4 abreast, essentially occupying the entire lane, with cars following at 20 mph. This was making me mad. Finally they get a clue and form a line of 2 abreast, but still too wide. The cars get by, but I'm sure they will now think forever that cyclists are a bunch of inconsiderate jerks. I think that contributes to some of the "screw you, cyclists" mentality that you experienced. It's a chance for them to get even, without physically harming someone or going to jail. If we were all polite, considerate, and obeyed the law, I'd bet we'd be treated much better.

Them versus ThemHaiku d'état
Jul 11, 2001 8:09 AM
IN THE CAR had a vehicle-vehicle incident this morning on the way to work; the same thing happens 3-4 times per week. crossing an overpass, on the other side of which is an exit ramp that joins the road with traffic (i'm traffic) and a yield sign. people hit it at 60+ coming off that exit ramp and don't care to look or yield. guy in a big pickup pulled out right in front of me, i'm doing 50, he's doing 40, of course i have the right of way, he sticks his hand out the window and makes some nasty gestures and waves me on. i'm turning right in just 400 yards. he pulls to the left lane for the stoplight, i'm next to him, roll down my window, and he doesn't want to discuss it. hmmm...what's with people cutting you off and showing complete disdain and/or lack of respect for ANYONE else on the road, then coming off self-righteous about it? ALL THE TIME?

my wife's commute to work is a 6-lane road with center turning lane the whole way, 50 mph the whole way, the majority of people typically drive 35 and 40 on this route--the drivers spanning all 3 lanes.

it's not just about cycle/car interaction. (IMHO) 65+% of people are idiots. 85% of people in cars are imbeciles--even those that are nice, cooperative members of society out of the car. there should be some method for giving driver-to-driver traffic citations leading to serious penalties--dashboard mounted cameras?
the chronically angryDog
Jul 11, 2001 8:29 AM
You pretty much nailed it; society is full of idiots. Those who aren't truly idiots, though, are at least inconsiderate, chronically angry jerks. Far too many people go through life just eager for an anger encounter, including a few of us cyclists. People need to mellow out. Sometimes, though, it's sooo hard to stay mellow when it appears the world is full of jerks, all of whom seem to have a personal goal to make your life miserable. I think much of the problem has to do with urban congestion. There are just too many people in too close quarters. I prefer smaller towns, or the country. It's a theory.

Problem with the cycle/car thing is that we are an identifiable target, and are in a much lower power position most of the time. We get labeled as a group, much the same that Harley riders, SUV drivers, or red sports car drivers do. It's a problem endemic to any particular identifyable group, but particularly cyclists. It's a theory.

the chronically angryDuane Gran
Jul 11, 2001 11:02 AM
I've thought a bit about the road rage issue and I think you are onto something. Otherwise sensible people act differently in a vehicle and it baffles me. For the most part I'm a very casual motorist and I let people merge and generally share the roadway. This sometimes annoys passengers who ride with me, if you can believe that. They will make comments about how they "wouldn't have let that person in" or "you should have flipped off that jerk" or "honk your horn at that jack***". I simply don't see the point of it and I figure we will all get to where we are going in a relatively similar span of time, but we might as well get there feeling like we are in a cooperative society. I particularly dislike honking of the horn unless it is to alert someone of my location. I see the horn too often used as an extension of one's angry shout.

Sigh... what can one do? Personally I think that private transportation (as apposed to public transportation) is part of the problem. As a society we need to give up some control. Cycling itself contributes to the solution, as most cyclists are more aware of how aggressive driving can hurt others. The car has a way of insulating a person from the personal and mental damage they do through aggression. It's kind of cowardly because by and large these aggressive people would never behave that way on foot or other more peaceful modes of transportation.
I agreeMabero
Jul 11, 2001 8:57 AM
I acually was hit the other day (fortunately not bad) by some old stupid lady who want to pass me and take a right turn during the process. Thus hitting my front tire with her passenger side door...and did she stop? No...she continued to turn till I banged on her window to stop (I ended up not falling because I leaned myself into the car once hit).

Then when the cop came down (she left after saying that I can't pass on the right), the cop said I can't pass someone on the right. I then said "Well then what can I do if a car wants to turn right as the pass me?" he said "That's your problem...brake. And go slower next time".

I was pretty aggravated...I had a great rest of the ride.
sorry, Doug, agree more with MJET
Jul 11, 2001 11:24 AM
Last week I was out on a ride on a winding, not-too-used narrow single-lane-in-each-direction road, trees everywhere, when, as life always seems to have it, I and the two cars coming in opposite directions all met at the most narrow part of the road. I was doing everything right: staying far to the right, wearing high-visibility yellow, riding conservatively. The guy coming up behind me had to wait an extra two seconds (that's all it was) and so yelled at me as he passed. Now what did I do wrong? Was I or he inconsiderate?

It's not that most people are irate idiots, but rather that they have little patience or awareness. When a car full of teenagers acts up, that's a different case, it being a despicable act-cool-in-front-of-the-guys thing they would never do alone. But I think these two cases cover most.

BTW, when there's someone in a car behind you on a tight road but who definitely sees you, is it generally recommended for the cyclist to intentionally slow down?
I speed up...gromit
Jul 12, 2001 3:54 AM
If there is no safe passing place, I will move out in the road and stand+honk to indicate I am speeding up and to stop them from forcing a way past. As soon as ther is a safe passing place I sit up and motion the car past. Nothing worse than being stuck behind a slow bike and not being able to get past safely. I give cars the thumbs up for waiting even if they are impatient. Seems to work...
I have to agree >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Live Steam
Jul 11, 2001 11:09 AM
Motorists take on the same mentality about motorcyclists. They see them weaving in and out of traffic and riding between lanes in toll areas and traffic jambs. We cyclists really don't help ourselves out either. Some guys in our club are oblivious to the words "car back". This gets me mad because I know it sends a negative signal to the driver of that car that needs to pass. The driver looses regard for us and our safety is compromised.
re: I must have a sign on the back of my jersey that says......RandyMH
Jul 11, 2001 8:59 AM
Today was my first traffic ride. It took a lot of self convincing to get out and ride this morning because I wanted to ride around the time of rush hour traffic. I was worried about holding up traffic. You konw how angry people late to work can be. So after reading the message board and staring at my bike for awhile I said to myself what the hell. Bottom line

I PAY TAXES ON THESE ROADS ALSO. Probably more than most.

So I took off and got my ride in. I tried to take back streets and choose a route that was going away from the primary flow of traffic. I had one person honk, but after reading the previous post about agnoring honker I just let it go. I realize that some will get upset, because I do take my lane. I ride in the center of the lane I'm in to avoid people trying to squeeze by. But I do it for my saftey. That what's paramount.
my .02
I'm still searching for Harley Davidson jerseycyclopathic
Jul 11, 2001 9:32 AM
..but I've got Stars and Stripes and it helps |:o)

I wish somebody would come out with full line of jerseys like "Dont mess with Taxes", "I killed my mom", "proud NRA member", "Dale Earnhardt: Tribute to a Legend", "Guns dont kill people I do", "Who are you gonna call first 911 or 36 caliber?" and so on.

Have you been thrown beer bottles at yet? OR have friends who've been taken down with baseball bet? No you can't help it, so just ignore it. I've seen a messenger with baseball bet attached to his fork and if you'd piss him off he would just take it and smash windshield, that's a thought
great idea - (local) pc jerseysDog
Jul 11, 2001 9:45 AM
Great jersey ideas. Don't forget:

Mob Bike
(insert local sports team)
U.S. Marine Corps
Three Stooges (you can get these)
Don't Come a Knockin' When This Bike's a Rockin'
Ford (be sure to pick the right one)
RAAM Tough (they'll never figure that one out)

That's it. Suck up to your enemies.

you've a lot of enemiesnutmegger
Jul 11, 2001 5:13 PM
With a list like yours I'm guessing that leaves about 1% of the population from which to choose your friends. Must be hard on you buddy but I guess it explains why you spend so much time here. If you really want a jersey to dissuade unruly drivers here's a suggestion; "Hit me, I'm a lawyer!"
you got me all wrong...Dog
Jul 11, 2001 5:38 PM
Those weren't for *me*, but for you all. Drivers go out of their way to be nice to me, and I have no enemies whatsoever.

The last thing I'd ever do is get on a bike and advertise being a lawyer. Sounds like certain death.

My apologiesnutmegger
Jul 11, 2001 7:45 PM
It's just that I took it kinda personal is all. What with me being a Skoal-dipping, Bud-drinking, Stooges-watching, Ford-driving, Italian-American veteran cyclist. I guess ever since Thelma left me for her cousin and I got evicted from the double-wide I've been a little sensitive. Unfortunately, you're right about the lawyer jersey; might as well wear a big bullseye jersey.
and, more favorites...Haiku d'état
Jul 11, 2001 10:00 AM

* your favorite college football team--this is especially important in elvisville, where every third vehicle (which are mostly trucks) has a big, orange "T" (or seven, eight...) on the rear window/bumper, or as a HUGE vinyl sticker on the car door/hood, for "Tennessee Volunteers". their color is safety orange. perhaps just a safety orange jersey. this is interesting, 'cause the "T" looks like "Telekom". :-)

* ain't skeered

* "will deer/duck hunt for food"

* ducks unlimited

* bass pro shops

* a deer's skull

* turkey tracks/deer tracks

* "I (heart) PORK RINDS"

and, one that would help me soooo much on wednesday nights and sunday mornings:

* "on my way to church", "honk if you love jesus", "in case of rapture this bike will be unmanned"
and, more favorites...TonyO
Jul 11, 2001 10:36 AM
Where I live (and ride) I would need jerseys emblazoned with BMW, Lexus and or the latest here-today-gone-tomorrow .Com company. In all honesty I have had more incidents with the Snootie Tooties in their 40K+ cars (or their joy riding teen age children) than with gray primer pickups held together with duct tape and coat hangers. It's truely sad when I am offered crude hand gentures, and verbal obsenities from these same folks as they cut me off to pull into a church parking lot on a Sunday morning.
Just avoid riding full Telekom kit or Giro Leader jersey! ;) nmMikeC
Jul 11, 2001 10:34 AM
I'm still searching for Harley Davidson jerseyBeaver
Jul 11, 2001 12:41 PM
I saw a guy at my LBS last week wearing a Harley Davidson jersey. Orange with Black shoulders. No idea where he got it, but it was an honest to goodness cycling jerseys...3 pockets with the zippered front.
ONCE jersey works best - they think you're blind!!rollo tommassi
Jul 11, 2001 1:26 PM
I'm not kidding, it truly works! Cars give you more room, a 'friendly' toot on the horn. I even had a woman ask me at a stoplight "how do you do it - are you partially sighted or what?"
No way!!!! (nm)Mabero
Jul 11, 2001 1:32 PM
I think the best response is none at all.Spoke Wrench
Jul 11, 2001 10:52 AM
I think that most people who act aggressively toward bike riders are just frustrated jerks who have no life so they get their enjoyment by trying to upset other people's lives. ANY response shows them they were successful and rewards them. Now they'll probably try it again at the next opportunity.

The two teen age punks were probably delighted to see you waving your middle fingers like a crazy man. I suspect they would have come back for a second dose but were frustrated by traffic.

I think that doing and saying nothing is actually out smarting the jerks. I've found that when I am able to remain calm I have far fewer confrontations and far more fun.
Jul 11, 2001 11:38 AM
Finally someone got it right. Congratulations! No response is the best response.
Get their license number and file a complaint!rollo tommassi
Jul 11, 2001 12:27 PM
I know I know I know I know! What can we do? Expect people to behave in a civilised manner??

A friend of mine just came back from Europe, and he lamented how "you could tell people were Americans because they were always impatient, rude and loud". He marvelled at how fantastic driving on the highway was - the passing lane was just that, for passing only, and that cyclists were completely respected.

I understand what Doug S. says about other cyclists who break the law and run lights, etc., creating the Us vs Them, but never does that permit someone to endanger the safety of another or break the law themselves.
How about an altered approachMabero
Jul 11, 2001 12:29 PM
We could bring grenades...they are lighter than guns and easier to conceal over a blow torch...the only problem that I see is HUGE pot holes we would be creating that we need to pass over...

Damn...this idea just won't make the cut then.
Living in Adelaide, South AustraliaDutchy
Jul 11, 2001 6:19 PM
I have only been yelled at by a passing car about 6 times in the last 7 years. The people here don't randomly abuse cyclists, but they still turn left in front of cyclists. I have had many cars race up to an intersection to turn left, then realising my speed have had to stop in the middle of the road to let me go past.
Here it is legal to pass on the left. Also we can ride two abreast on the road as long as we don't hold up traffic. This means we can ride two wide on two lane roads (cars have a lane to pass), but can't ride two wide up the hilly single lane roads. It's a pretty good system. I have found that following the road rules and using hand signals to change lanes works very well here. Cars will even slow down, (when you signal) if you want to get a cross a two lane road to turn right. The biggest danger is on country roads, when two cars heading in opposite direction to each other pass a cyclist and at the same time, instead of one slowing slightly to allow the other to past first. If I do abuse a driver, I will always asses the type of person driving (redneck, teen, mum etc) before saying something. Be careful the world is getting angrier by the day. CHEERS.

PS. I think it comes down to respect. People just don't respect anyone any more. They have no tolerance for other people. End of rant.