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Help with Raleigh Model(8 posts)

Help with Raleigh ModelJonw440
Jun 14, 2001 7:30 PM
I got back into biking last year, it all started with a Cannondale F400 MTB. Then I moved back onto the road with a Bianchi Campione.
It brings me back to my younger days when I went EVERYWERE on my Raleigh.(I will be 37 in September) My Mom bought it for me at "Western Auto" around 1977-78.
It was a georgous blue. I cant remeber the model name. Record,varsity, comes to mind but I am not sure. I am SURE I put over 4,000 miles on it! in two years. Thats alot for a 14 year old kid.
Thanks in advance.
It was probably a Recordlook271
Jun 14, 2001 7:37 PM
Varsities were a Schwinn model.
sweet, western auto...dustin73
Jun 14, 2001 9:51 PM
i got a bike from there, too. not sure what kind it was, but the seat was plastic with BMX in gold letters on it. my friends and i would measure how high we could get on wheelies. it was sweet...oh, i think i was 10 or 11.
re: Help with Raleigh ModelAndy M-S
Jun 15, 2001 10:11 AM
The most common model was the Gran Prix. I got one when I was 18 and it was my sole mode of private transportation for the next 10 years. And yes, it came in a gorgeous blue color.
re: Help with Raleigh ModelVelocipedio
Jun 15, 2001 11:22 AM
I had a Raleigh Record, dating from about the same time, if not a bit earlier (I'm also 37). It was white with orange detailing and Suntour components. It was hardly the best bike in the world, but I LOVED it. It was stolen from in front of my flat, where I had locked it, in 1986.

I seem to remember raleigh having models named Record, Super Record and Criterium.
re: Help with Raleigh ModelWarren128
Jun 15, 2001 11:40 AM
There is a great information site on vintage Raleighs:

I owned a 1974 Raleigh Supercourse when I was a kid. It was my first "real" racing bike. My best friend had a Raleigh Grand Prix that was subsequently stolen from his garage.

I currently ride a Raleigh Team USA replica (vintage 1986 or so).

THAT model was my first "big" bikeRick Bell
Jun 15, 2001 4:09 PM
A "British racing yellow" Raleigh Record, presumably dated back to 1980. My dad got it for me from some guy for $100 when I was 12, 9 years ago. The darn thing is as old as I am. I've still got it back at home, and it possibly has a promising future as a fixed gear bike :) Ten speeds, stem mounted friction shifters, hard leather seat, red paint adorning the bolts and creases on the stem, chrome everywhere. Kewl bike :)
THAT model was my first "big" bikeVelocipedio
Jun 15, 2001 6:06 PM
The Record was MY first "big" bike, too. Fondly remembered.