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Trek 1000(5 posts)

Trek 1000GTrider215
Jun 14, 2001 9:59 AM
Yo, i gotta question. Ok well i almost have the money and i just started road biking and i dont wanna be a squid with a 2,000 dollar bike, besides i dont have that much money. But the bike shop near my house has the Trek 1000 for 500 dollars and it seemed really nice. one of the workers there let me ride it down some streets and see how i do on it and it fits me like perfect and i love it. But i was wondering how are the components on the bike like will they hold of for a while? I dont need em to be to0 good or anythign just a bike to start me off on.
re: Trek 1000Tokreas
Jun 14, 2001 11:32 AM
It will do you fine! I purchased a 1000 last October and it has been my willing companion for all sorts of rides. I'm able to keep up and drop folks on more expensive bikes all of the time. Regarding the components: have the bike shop put rim tape on the wheels, and if you're a larger guy, have them put 14-gauge spokes on the rear wheel. I had problems in both areas but apparently it's a common occurrence. The Sora group should work well for rec ridin, but if you ever decide to start doing more, then you will definitely want to upgrade.

OTOH, now that I've been riding for a while, I needed to upgrade. So I've ordered a 2001 Klein Quantum. Sweet ride.

re: Trek 1000Jerry near St. Louis
Jun 14, 2001 2:06 PM
If it's truely a perfect fit, that's worth more than nicer components and a lighter frame. Go for it!

A 14 year-old kid started riding with our club recently. He bought a Trek 1000 and it works well for him. The bike is a bit heavier then my daughter's new Trek 2300 plus the wheels and and components aren't as nice. However, it cost over $1,000 less. I did give him a better seat than the stock cheapie seat. At about $500, it's a good value for the money.
re: Trek 1000RhodyRider
Jun 14, 2001 3:06 PM
I agree with the previous posters. A friend of mine finally listened to me this spring agreed to begin road riding. He bought the Trek 1000 at our LBS and I've had the opportunity to thoroughly inspect it and give it a quick spin. Solid Al frame w/Cro-Mo fork, seemingly a decent combo. Sora is VERY entry level, and the "Vuelta" red wheels are frankly garbage. But as an solid upgradeable foundation, certainly this bike is well worth $500. (My friend paid closer to $600 by the way.) Good luck - happy riding.
I was lured by the price!! butbear
Jun 14, 2001 5:32 PM
I got one last year at the end of the seasen,,,not too happpy with it,,I could had done much better for the money!! shop around please!!
I got a ZEP now and use the trek for the trainers.
Really shop around,,a low end giant is nice!!