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Advice on bike selection/purchase(2 posts)

Advice on bike selection/purchaseholwood
Jun 14, 2001 7:47 AM
I'm about to purchase a bike for recreational use (main/side roads & public bikepaths,) but, feel the machine choices available are rather overwhelming - any comments/assistance on the following would be appreciated - thanks:

1 I've looked at "Fuji" (Sagres); "Fisher" (Comfort series & City/Path series); "Giant" (Cypress & Cypress DX models); also: "Gary Fisher" models. Of these makes, is any one manufacturer better or worse than any of the others? (does any one model stand out as inferior or superior for my own riding purposes?)

2 "Giant" uses "anti-puncture tires" - can anyone explain this (versus "regular" tires) and rate their effectiveness at preventing punctures during normal bikeriding use?

3 Any other bike makes / models that I should consider at this time?

4 "Trek" also has been suggested to me - any thoughts on that company and a suggested model for me to consider?

(My price range is between $200 - $375).

Thanks, in advance, for the advice....graham.
Buy whatever bike you like the most...PsyDoc
Jun 14, 2001 10:40 AM are the one that is going to have to ride it. My wife and I purchased two Specialized bikes very similar to this one:

We bought them new last June on sale for $289. They have held up well, but the wheels suck! I do not know about anti-puncture tires, but that would not necessarily make me purchase one bike over the other as there are a number of different puncture resistant tubes/liners that are out there.