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Good bulk lube(2 posts)

Good bulk lubehwy45
Jun 14, 2001 6:28 AM
Well I've finally got the citrus degreaser from Home Depot that I have heard about on this site. Of course I'm out of lube so here I am wondering if there is a good lube that I can buy in bulk. We have enough bikes for a daily clean up project, so I'm ready to try something that comes cheaper and in bigger sizes that the usual bike specific lubes. Thanks
grease or chain lube?jw25
Jun 14, 2001 11:52 AM
For grease, pretty much any good car bearing grease will work fine, and it's not too thick, so the hubs will roll easier. For bikes seeing lots of wet conditions, or those that get washed with a hose frequently, a good marine grease (aka boat bearing grease) is a better choice for resisting washout.
For chain lube, you should be able to buy Triflow in large containers. I prefer Prolink, and I've read that you can make a homebrew version from 1 part Mobil 1 syntetic motor oil to 3 parts odorless mineral spirits. That'd certainly be cheap, but I haven't tried this yet, so can't vouch for it. I;ve found that road bikes are much more forgiving of lube choice than mountain bikes, so really any lubricating oil should work, as long as the chain's wiped down well after application.
For degreaser, I really like Simple Green, which comes in large sizes as well. It seems to cut through grease and old lube better than citrus degreasers (and better than the traditional alkali degreasers I've tried. Not quite as good as Finish LIne Ecotech, but the price difference makes up for that very nicely).