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My gf asked me why I don't try NAD's wax instead of shave?(8 posts)

My gf asked me why I don't try NAD's wax instead of shave?roaddog
Jun 13, 2001 10:41 PM
Has anybody here tried the stuff? Its kinda pricey, but if it works like its supposed to. Anyone?
re: My gf asked me why I don't try NAD's wax instead of shave?redmand
Jun 13, 2001 10:57 PM
The ad doesn't mention this, but the hair you want to remove has to be about half an inch long at least for the Nads to remove it. OK maybe instead of the first shave, but pretty useless for removing week old stubble. (Gf asked me the same thing so I tried hers.)
Shaving is easiest...Kristin
Jun 13, 2001 11:11 PM
I've tried several methods to achieve and maintain smooth legs. (I find that chain grease adheres to legs better and spreads more efficiently when there's no stubble to hold it back.)

I tried the wax thing and the hair must return to wintertime lengths before waxing again. And who ever came up with that lie about it growing back slower? As if! I've also tried electric shavers. Not very smooth. And electrolisys(sp?). OUCH!!

In the end, I returned to my trusty-dusty, orange capped, plastic, disposable bic. I shave EACH AND EVERY day. If you do so, the razor will last longer and only requires a few seconds each day.

Have Fun!! :-)
What about Epil-Stop?PsyDoc
Jun 14, 2001 6:23 AM
Has anyone tried this? I have seen the advertisements for the product and it seems great...if it works like they advertise.
What about Epil-Stop?jschrotz
Jun 14, 2001 12:30 PM
I've used that junk. It'll remove the hair, but it burned the hell out of the back of my thighs. I have really sensitive skin though so it may not do that to everyone. But it only took one time for me and I'll never touch the stuff again. It also smelled like shite. Stick to the razor. By the time you apply stuff like that, let it sit for the recommended time and remove it, you really haven't saved much time over just shaving with a razor. And you don't have to worry about putting any strange chemicals on your legs.
re: My gf asked me why I don't try NAD's wax instead of shave?Jakerider
Jun 14, 2001 10:54 AM
As stated earlier in this post, the hair has to be at least 1/2" long
for the goo to "grab". My wife used it on her bikini line and I watched, you put it on, lay cloth over the area you want to remove and RIP. She screamed and I ran out of the room. Can you say PAIN, and not the good kind of pain
get many ingrowns?jw25
Jun 14, 2001 12:01 PM
If you get any shaving, I guarantee you'll get lots waxing. I've tried it, and the area stayed smooth for about 2 weeks, but then I noticed all the hair was growing back under the skin. Scrubbing them with a loofa didn't help, so I had to go and pull each one up with a sharp needle. Not really a time-saver, and fairly painful to boot.
I've also tried the depilatories (not Epil-stop, because there's too many bad stories on the net about it not working, or casuing burns, or both), and they smell awful and dry the skin out, plus they seem to take about 75% of the hair off. Not to mention you can't use them near injuries.
In the end, I came back to shaving every other day. Be sure to use a sharp razor and a good shaving gel (I use skintimate, it's made for legs, right?), and let the hair get wet first. I shower first, then turn the water off and shave in the tub, so they get about 10 minutes to soak.
The best razor I've found yet is the Schick Extreme 3, no nicks or cuts, even over some scrapes, and it cuts very close to the skin. Pretty cheap, too, comparable to refill blades. I do wish you weren't tossing so much plastic when they get dull, but that's the price of a good shave, I guess.
And, moisturize afterwards. They deserve it.
re: Because.....WCC
Jun 14, 2001 3:04 PM
...yeah it works, and its lasts for a while which is do get alot of ingrowns...and in order to do it the 2nd time the hair has to be long enough, which defeats the purpose.