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Why do you ride?(6 posts)

Why do you ride?The Bard
Jun 13, 2001 7:37 PM
Stong and light I think
a good combination
I shift to a higher gear
and stand on my pedals
climbing, pulling
sucking in the air
how did I swim and co-ordinate all this
I wonder?

A cool fresh breeze entered my jersey
a welcome feeling for this time of year
I rode as close as possible to the side of the rad
so I could reach out and touch the little wild flowers
my little friends, always there, waiting, never abandoning me
sunshine, the trees, cool shade, the sound of a bird
simple things in life, that we all take for granted

Sometimes I fee like I am being watched
by others who have traveled this same road
shapes and shadows ever present
never seen or heard, perhaps in the twinkle of an eye

How many times have I traveled this road?
hundreds, thousands? Who knows?
different times of the year
the heat, the cold, the wind, the dampness
all there is to nature, I feel in my bones

I glance over my shoulder
looking for him
he is always there
to come out of nowhere
and to go blazing by me
as if I wasn't there

You must be careful
not to be caught off guard
you need eyes in the back of your head
not to be unprepared

People driving by
probably wonder why I do this
to clean the mind and the soul
all these thoughts
in the blink of an eyelash
and you wonder why I ride?
"ode to two joes"Breck
Jun 14, 2001 8:27 AM
"the bike, the wind, the gears, the zeal, may scarcely tell you how i feel. to glide along the path i choose, of thee my fellow man to ruse; not knowing why i'm flowing there, no wonder that you pass and stare, take up your space and i'll take mine, quick step march our place and time. ride on, drive on, we must proceed; victims of our constant need. you and me we share the road, pay our taxes, pull the load. other days and other times we hardly meet but share a brew. then you drive off and i'll take two; one for the road and one for you. then we can switch and you take two ...three strikes you're out, buster. bottoms up :)" -bl

bl, bgcc
re: Why do you ride?DINOSAUR
Jun 14, 2001 3:25 PM
"Cycling is like church, many attend, but few understand"
Jim Burlant

"The bicycle should always be the vehicle of novelist and poets"
Christopher Morley

"Nothing can give you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles"
Ralph Waldo Emerson
it's much faster and more fun than runningDog
Jun 14, 2001 6:07 PM
That's pretty much it. Oh, plus you get to mess with all kinds of mechanical thingies, you can cover much more ground, and it's much cooler (temperature - wind, you know).

Bottom line, I'm addicted.

It helps me connect.look271
Jun 14, 2001 6:17 PM
With nature, myself. I love the feeling of going fast, climbing a big hill, sweating in the hot sun, seeing the water ripple down the streams on some of my routes, catching an unsuspecting deer at the side of the road and looking her right in the eyes, thinking of my Grandfather (who rode a singlespeed and won races way back when). Knowing that at 42, I'm in better shape than 99% of the population that's half my age.
The Acoustic Motorbikemike mcmahon
Jun 14, 2001 6:43 PM
Luka Bloom summed it up pretty well:

You see whenever I'm alone I tend to brood
But when I'm out on my bike
It's a different mood
I leave my brain at home
Get up on the saddle
No hanging around I don't diddle-daddle
I work my legs
I pump my thighs
Take in the scenery passing me by
The Kerry Mountains or the Wicklow Hills
The antidote to my emotional ills
A motion built upon human toil
Nuclear free needs no oil
But it makes me hot, makes me hard
I never thought I could have come this far
Through miles of mountains, valleys, streams
This is the right stuff filling my dreams
So come on, get up on your bike
Ah go on, get up on your bike

Luka Bloom, The Acoustic Motorbike - 1992 - Reprise Records (cat 7599-26670-2)