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Bianchi Veloce sizing(8 posts)

Bianchi Veloce sizingGreg Kloeppel
Jun 13, 2001 3:29 PM
I am looking at buying a bianchi Veloce and the literature shows that the 57cm frame has the same TT length as the 55cm. Does anyone know if this it true or is it a typo? The 55cm is a little small and I'm afraid the standover might be a tad high on the 59cm. Plus I really want more TT length than 555mm. (by the way, I am 6'tall). I tried to contact bianchi, but they did not respond.
re: Bianchi Veloce sizingMeDotOrg
Jun 13, 2001 4:05 PM
I'm 6', and have a 59cm Veloce. Standover is snug, but the the top tube fits great. All of this depends on you torso/inseam relationship.

You're right the website says The TT length jumps from 555cm on the 55 to 570 on the 59, but the Campione and Eros models lists the same geometry. I think the Eros has basically the same frame (without the carbon fork and Mirage components instead of Daytona).

Maybe you would be more comfortable on the 57cm with a longer stem...take your time and get fitted correctly...
re: Bianchi Veloce sizinggreg kloeppel
Jun 13, 2001 9:29 PM
Thanks for the info and advice on fit. One bike shop said I looked good on the 55 and another said the 59 was good. I test rode a 59 and it seemed ok. the 55 was definately too small. I like the 57cm Lemonds with the longer TT. the 57 Lemond has a 570mm TT length. I am 6' with a 32 inseam, so I'm a little long in the torso, but I will try to find a 57 to test ride.
re: My guess.......Rusty Coggs
Jun 13, 2001 6:48 PM's a typo. The charts for all the other modeld show incremental TT length increases, as the frame sizes increase.
re: Bianchi Veloce sizingspin
Jun 14, 2001 6:34 AM
I was looking at the bianchi as well and have the same measurements as you. i ended up with a klein quantum in 55, it has a 570 top tube measurement. i changed out the stem and the setup has been great. just my 2 cents.
I think it's a typobianchi boy
Jun 14, 2001 7:23 AM
I have 57 cm Bianchi Alloro, which has the same frame geometry as the Veloce. The top tube is 56 cm center to center. I've checked and double-checked this measurement and it's definitely 56.

BTW, the 57 cm Bianchi really fits like a smaller frame. Bianchi sizes its bikes from center to the top of the seat-tube, which extends a ways above the top tube. Measured center-to-center, the seat tube is closer to 54 cm. The standover height on this bike is also much lower than shown in the specs. Bottom line, a 57 Bianchi fits like a much smaller frame the way many manufacturers size their bikes. I actually have had to replace that frame because it's too small for me. Fortunately I had an older Bianchi frame that was a 57 center-to-center, and I just swapped the gear from the new frame to the old one and it fits just fine now.
Another Bianchi Questionsidley
Jun 14, 2001 9:24 AM
I just built my second road bike - a 55 cm '00 Bianchi EV2 and I think it might be too small. I am just barely 6 ft with an 83 cm inseam. My previous bike, 56 cm Allez, was too big and I don't if I'm uncomfortable now because I am used to the oversized Allez or because the Bianchi really is just too small. As I understand, the '00 EV2 does not have the drastically sloping top tube like the '01 which makes me think that my maxed out seat post is a clear indication that the frame is too small.

The above posters, the aptly named Bianchi Boy in particular, seem to know the geometry very well. I would love to hear your 2 cents.

BTW - I scoured every Bianchi dealer here in Manhattan and no one had a 55 or 57 EV2 for me to test ride. What other Bianchi frames have comparable geometry so I can test ride a 57 cm.

Supergo accidentally sent me 2 55 frames, so I can swap it for a 57 if I have to.

Anybody interested in a slightly used 55 cm '00 EV2 frameset?
Bianchi geometrybianchi boy
Jun 14, 2001 12:38 PM

If you go to the website, you can find specs and frame geometries for all of their bikes. You may have to hunt around a little, but it's there. At your height and inseam, I would think the 55 would be too small. I am 5'11" with an 83 inseam as well and the 57 is too small for me -- however, I do prefer a more upright riding position than many others.

I bought the Alloro, in part, because all of the sizing formulas seemed to indicate I needed a smaller frame (although I was comfortable on my old 57 c-t-c). However, the Bianchi 57 fits like a much smaller bike. I have since stripped all the gear off my 57 Alloro and put it on my old Bianchi frame, which I have determined fits me pretty well after all.

If you're interested, I am selling the Alloro frame, which has similar geometry to the XL. According to Bianchi, it weighs 3 lb. My frame is the '99 version without the sloping top tube. It is all Celeste with none of yellow stripes found on newer models. The frame is in very good condition with a few small paint chips that I plan to repair with some factory paint that I have. I would like to get $400 for the frame, including an Ultegra bottom bracket and threadless headset, carbon fork with steel steerer tube, Ritchey Pro stem (+/- 17 by 10 cm), and ITM handlebar.