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MTB access in Boulder, CO...FYI(5 posts)

MTB access in Boulder, CO...FYIColnagoFE
Jun 13, 2001 1:07 PM
thought this is mainly a roadie forum i got this message and thought i'd pass it on as the implications are not good if this things goes through.

Hey ReallyWickedFastPeople,

Below is some Betasso text that can be worked onto letterhead. The letters
need to be addressed to: Ron Stewart and Jim Mckee, Boulder County Parks and
Open Space, PO Box 471, Boulder, CO 80306. They can also be faxed to
303.441.1644. The hearing is Thursday, June 14 at 7pm at the County
Courthouse. That means letters should be mailed no later than Monday, and
faxes sent no later than noon Thursday.

I spent Wednesday handing out info packets to all the Boulder bike shops,
and not surprisingly, more than a few said, "They want to do what?"

Have anyone call or email me with questions if they have them, but you all
know this issue too well I'm sure.


The Boulder County Parks and Open Space Department is proposing
"alternative use" on the Canyon Loop Trail at Betasso Preserve to reduce
"user conflicts." This means bikes will be banned on Wednesdays and
Saturdays. No other user groups are affected. The issue will first be heard
by the County Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee on Thursday, June 14.
The recommendation of the committee, and a recommendation from County
staff, will then be presented to the Boulder County Commissioners for a
final decision. It is vital to establish a written and public record at the
June 14 meeting. All letters, and a summary of each person's input, will be
forwarded to the Commissioners.


1. This is not an "alternative use" proposal, but a ban focused on one user
group. This group is growing dramatically with the Front Range population.

2. Boulder County paid for a study last summer to look into user patterns
in its Parks and Open Space. Their numbers show 47 percent of Betasso
visitors ride montain bikes, while 37 percent hike. And in 2000, the
County recorded 48,145 user visits to Betasso. Fewer than 10 written
complaints about a cyclist were filed that same year. That's less than a
0.02 percent complaint
rate. Even if there are 50 unreported incidents for each complaint it's less
than one percent. Where's the problem?

3. If people really don't want to see mountain bikes while they are hiking,
how about using the 50 miles of trail in Boulder Mountain Parks on which
bikes are already banned. Betasso represents one of the very few trails
riders can use "after work" without having to put their bikes on top of a
car. Any further reduction in mountain bike trails will have a dramatic
impact on our user group, and will serve to only push more riders to places
like Hall Ranch and Walker Ranch.

4. Mountain bikers can share trails and believe multi-use trails are fair
for all users. Why is this such a hard concept in Boulder County when every
neighboring county does not have this problem?

Tired of seeing trails closed to mountain bikes in Boulder County? Then DO
SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Join the Boulder Offroad Alliance and join the fight
to open trails. Send a $25 check to BOA, PO Box 4954, Boulder, CO 80306,
check our website at, or call 303-667-2467 for more
What's the real issue?Len J
Jun 13, 2001 1:31 PM
In my experience, issues don't rise to this level without some either horrendous event or an individual on a mission. Did something happen? How do issues get to the hearing stage in Boulder? Is this just some individual with a bug up thier u know what or is there more to it than that?

On the surface this seems like a crazy thing. I would like to know more. My imporession (from the east coast) is that Boulder is the outdoor activity friendly capital of the U.S.. If something like this can happen in Boulder, I woory about elsewhere. What is relly going on?

What's next a ban on outdoor couchs?Maillot Rouge
Jun 13, 2001 3:13 PM
The real problem is that Boulder is a Liberal Nazi state where you can do anything you want as long as you don't disturb any of the millionaire former hippies that are extremely conservative in their liberal views and have developed clout at city hall. This doesn't surprise me at all. There are so many good hiking trails that are off limits to mtbers and the bikers respect that. Sorry I guess I have nothing in the way of additional information. I just had to vent. Boulder is such a great location but some of the people there make me want to stay as far from it as possible, which is fine by them I'm sure. Boulder is 10 square miles surrounded by reality.
Pretty good descriptionLazy
Jun 14, 2001 1:50 PM
Boulder=Granola capitol of the world.

My pop lives in Boulder. That is one whacky place. He has become somewhat irritated with roadies there. It seems that there is a large number of cyclists around Boulder who insist on riding 3 abreast. Most of his complaints seem to stem from riders on Nelson road.

That proposal sounds pretty unreasonable. I hope you Boulderites will mobilize on this.
the issueColnagoFE
Jun 13, 2001 4:22 PM
pretty much that a few idiot cyclists give the rest of us a bad name and cyclists are not very well known for representing themselves on these issues. nothing bad happened as far as I know. probably this is based on a couple of complaints from hikers who had bad experiences (being buzzed etc) with cyclists but I don't really know anything specific. for as big of a cycling town as boulder is there is a big contingent of "bike haters" as well that include hikers, equestrians, and people that just plain hate cyclists. there really aren't many off-road trails around the boulder area proper that you can ride on legally anymore--hence the seriousness of the precedent this proposal sets.