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California Aids Ride(4 posts)

California Aids RideThioderek
Jun 13, 2001 12:21 PM
Just got back into town. Unbelievable time. 7 days of riding for 600 miles. It was actually billed as 575, but I wanted an even number for the week. So a few of us ramped up on one of the short days and banged out another 25 miles.

There were 2700 riders for the whole thing. One guy even did it in his wheelchair with cranks he turned with his arms. There were riders of every size and shape and every age group represented as well. I have never seen more Merlin or Litespeed set-ups in my life. I wonder when they will have an IPO coming out?

The hills or mountains were not that bad. Only one day that I believe would qualify for a hard day in the hills. A lot of flats and a lot of rolling hills. A few good stretches along the shoulder of 101 that were very cool. The big trucks actually pushed you along in their "jet-wash." The mileage and the amount of time spent on the bike is what wears you down. I am happy to say that I didnt have to resort to chamois butter or chafing cream. Another 2 days and I probably would have been there. There were 4 days where it was almost unbearably hot. 105 degrees with no breeze. The only way to stay cool was to keep rolling.

I was amazed at how well put together the whole thing was. 2700 riders and 500 crew where moved with all their stuff every night to a new location. Meals were understandably clinical, but there was enough variety for meat and vegetarians (me). I have never really camped so I learned how to set up a tent for the first time here.

I already signed up for next year's ride from Amsterdam to Paris.
re: California Aids RideMeDotOrg
Jun 13, 2001 12:36 PM
It WAS a great time. The sense of community has to be experienced to be believed.

After the training I did, the difficulty of the ride itself was a bit anti-climactic. The tailwinds the first 2 days were GREAT. At one point I found myself going 29 mph on the flats, and I am normally a 20-22 mph guy.

I agree that none of the hills were absolute killers. The hardest thing was hydrating enough in the heat (I'm from San Francisco and not used to hot weather riding) I was AMAZED how much I needed to drink to stay hydrated.

I agree that Pallotta Teamsworks really has the support dialed in. The volunteers were FANTASTIC. I think they worked harder than the riders. The only SNAFU I experienced was trying to get a cab to the airport after closing ceremonies, but even that got resolved.

I'm going to another ride. If I can afford it, I'd love the Amsterdam to Paris. I'm also thinking about Montreal to Portland...
info on next year's ride requirednn23
Jun 13, 2001 2:27 PM
The web site does not seem to be updated w/ the next year's rides. I was hoping to get some details and also sign up as a worker (don't believe I'll have ramped up enough till next year).
info on next year's ride requiredMeDotOrg
Jun 13, 2001 2:47 PM
Info is available at:

June 2-8, 2002.