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Caring for New Sidis(9 posts)

Caring for New SidisF Flintstone
Jun 12, 2001 10:09 PM
Just got my new Sidi G3 Megas in the mail today. MMMMM - finally a shoe that doens't make me feel like a Geisha.

Anyway, just curious to know if I should coat them with any kind of protectant or something so they last longer.

Just start ridingmike mcmahon
Jun 12, 2001 10:15 PM
I've had a couple pairs of G3s and have never worried about coating them with anything. My older pair has really been through just about everything: snow, mud, lots of rain and has held up well without any treatment. Just realize, Mr. Flintstone, that if you ride your bike the same way you drive your car, you'll go through a new pair of cleats with every ride.
I haven't done anything to mine...biknben
Jun 13, 2001 9:17 AM
I have a pair of G3s for the road and Dominators on the MTB. They are nearly identical shoes with different soles. The Doms are in their 5th season of MTB racing. They have held up beautifully with no maintanance. Actually, I've replaced a few worn buckles but that's it.

They are very faded and are covered with dirt year round. Last year I was on a start line next to someone who had just bought the same shoe on closeout (the colors I have haven't been made for years). I complemented his choice of shoe and when he looked at mine it took him a few seconds to recognize they were the same shoe. Good for a laugh.

Anyway...If my MTB Sidi can go though the punishment of 5 years of racing...your road shoes should last a lifetime. The only wear on my road shoes is scuff marks on the Heel and toe. They still fit like a glove.

Good luck with yours.
re: Caring for New Sidisnass
Jun 13, 2001 10:25 AM
Just make sure to tighten the screws on the heel pad and the buckle (if applicable).

This caused major PO'd me when I got done with a 40 mile non-stop ride and put my left foot down to find that there was no longer a heel pad. The LBS graciously took one off a pair of shoes in the shop and claimed it as warranty! It is now something I check every couple of weeks (and they do loosen up).

No other maintenance required! Just Ride em!
Happened to me toomike mcmahon
Jun 13, 2001 10:55 AM
To make matters worse, the heel pad came off the foot I usually put down at stops. Other than that, I've never had any complaints about Sidi products.
Encase them in lucite for maximum protection! nmmr_spin
Jun 13, 2001 10:30 AM
re: Caring for New SidisMCCl
Jun 13, 2001 1:23 PM
I would stay away from sealing them. Let your poor foot breath. The one thing I found from my new Sidi shoe is my poor foot heat's up. I will probably find that in any shoe now but my old shoe was a mesh and my 4E wide foot loved that but to find a shoe made for us PLATYPUS people forget it. The shoe has been great otherwise. I just wipe it off with a mild leather CONDITIONER.
Jun 13, 2001 5:19 PM
I use a Soccer equipment bag for my gear...this has an open-mesh compartment on the end for me to place my shoes after riding, thus allowing a flow of air to dry out. I occasionally wipe them down with a good Rubber & Vinyl Cleaner/Conditioner, especially after a ride in the rain (this also revives the color and provides some UV protection....I use Meguiar's 40 product for this; as well as for my car interior. Any quality product will do, I just wouldn't advise using a silicone-based product, or anything that will give the shoes a 'shine'...and check for loose screws on the heel pads, ratchet and cleats occasionally (cheaper to tighten a loose screw than to buy $10 heel pads....been there, done that...)About that equipment bag....DON'T BUY A BLACK BAG!!!! (digging around inside to find leg warmers, arm warmers, gloves, etc. [usually all black items] is an experience in itself...
re: Caring for New SidisMarkar
Jun 13, 2001 6:18 PM
If you read your owners manual that came with the shoes, Sidi recommends using saddle soap to clean them. I give mine a wipe with a damp cloth after a ride to get those sticky cytomax drops off and check the cleat screws every few rides. I love mine too. Enjoy!