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I'm Heavy...(5 posts)

I'm Heavy...Mr. Big
Jun 12, 2001 3:14 PM
I'm a big guy for biking....

When I'm in decent shape, I'm still 230lbs, but in winter sometimes I get upto 250-270lbs....(fat of course).

I'd like to get a decent road bike but am worried about my weight....any suggestions? Steel Frames only? Very concerned about wheels....

here is what i just picked upmondo mike
Jun 12, 2001 6:03 PM
I'm 6 foot 3 and go about 240 lbs ( 8% body fat )

Colango Master X lITE. It is built for riders over
180. I also run a steel fork, less flex!
re: I'm Heavy...Chas
Jun 13, 2001 9:13 AM
Rolf Wheels.
I'm 230 and use Rolf's on both my road and trail bikes. Never needed to true either set.
re: I'm Heavy...Zag
Jun 13, 2001 11:33 AM
Well, I don't think I would worry that much about your weight. Stay away from super light frames and wheelsets and you should be fine. I also am fairly heavy. I was about 245 when I bought my road bike (now down to 205 :)). I don't have any problems with durability on my road bike at all. I do tend to bend rear rims on my mountain bike however, but that type of riding is a lot harder on equipement than is road riding (at least in my experience).

I had a 1999 Klein Quantum Race, which has an aluminum frame. I sold that and bought a 2000 Bianchi Veloce, which has a steel frame. My next bike will most likely be another Klein, or at least an aluminum frame of some type. I like the Veloce and it's a good bike, but it does not seem to give a smoother ride than the Klein, and it is a lot flexier. I can easily flex the chainring into the derailleur when standing.

I don't go on many long rides, normally not longer than 30 miles or so. If I was on the bike a bit longer, like 50-100 miles, perhaps I would notice the Klein to be a bit less comfortable than the Bianchi. However, for me it is worth the extra stiffness to have the aluminum framed Klein, because I don't ride long distances, and the stiff frame is more responsive and racier feeling. Maybe some of the steel frames are stiffer than mine, I'm not sure. You should be able to check this fairly easily on a test ride.
Trek 5200 with Rolf Vector CompsJerry near St. Louis
Jun 14, 2001 2:31 PM

I'm 6'1" and around 210 lbs. I bought a carbon fiber 60cm Trek 5200 with Rolf Vector Comp wheels last year. Sweet ride and you can get it with a triple if the hills hurt. I've got over 2,500 miles on it and the wheels haven't needed truing yet. I once hit a hole at about 30 mph so hard that both water bottles ejected off the bike. I did change from the stock 700x23 tires to some kevlar belted 700x25.

I've seen people bigger than me on carbon fiber Treks with Rolfs. I haven't heard a complaint from them yet.