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how do you stop creaks a squeaks--wheels, lessheadset, b.b.(3 posts)

how do you stop creaks a squeaks--wheels, lessheadset, b.b.ishmael
Jun 12, 2001 2:42 PM
ive solved the easy ones in the seat/seatpost but they seem to come from everywhere now... my threadless headset does it when i crank(ive just banged the stem down and then tighten the top bolt then the stem bolts) do you tighten the cranks they do it too when i crank (ive used the big allen wrench but i was thinking that to remove the cranks and then grease may be necessary, is it?) do you stop kyserium spokes from creaking which also happends when i crank...
re: how do you stop creaks a squeaks--wheels, lessheadset, b.b.JDL
Jun 12, 2001 4:43 PM
1. Toss em wheels off a 100 story bridge.
2. Pray you didn't hurt anyone except em wheels
3. Buy new wheels.
Worked for me.
Grease, lube, and proper tightnessKerry Irons
Jun 12, 2001 7:16 PM
You're making a big mistake by just tightening everything. Starting point is cleaned and lubed threads and surfaces. Then tighten to proper settings. For example, a creaking bottom bracket is typically not properly greased and not properly tightened. You have to do both. Same for cranks, bars, stems, chain ring bolts, QRs, seat posts (seat tube and saddle clamps), cassettes, etc. Wheel noises sometimes are at the rim (drop of oil at each spoke nipple) or where the spokes cross. However, many people find that noises are generated other than where they thought - wheel noises turn out to be the crank, saddle noises turn out to be the QRs, etc. It sounds to me like your bike needs a tear down, cleaning, and lubing.