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Patching small cuts in tire thread...(6 posts)

Patching small cuts in tire thread...DINOSAUR
Jun 9, 2001 4:46 PM
Does anyone have a simple solution for repairing those small cuts in the tire thread? I don't mean sidewall cuts, cuts in the first tire casing. I rode the past two days on roads that are being patched up with fresh asphalt. I stopped after a while and cleaned off my tires, but the little tiny pieces of gravel ate into my tire casing. I gave my tires a good cleaning when I got home and pulled out several tiny specks of gravel. I tried patching with super glue, but after my ride today, the cuts are back. My concern is the cuts just keep on getting bigger and bigger, and eventually something really big gets in the cut, and I flatten and end up buying new tires, which I have already ordered. There must be something simple I can purchase at my hardware store that will work. Anyone have any ideas?
Tire glueNick C
Jun 9, 2001 6:48 PM
Tubular tire glue is messy but works!
re: Patching small cuts in tire thread...Hank
Jun 10, 2001 3:53 PM
what kind of tires are you using? I usually don't get cuts from gravel. I run my hands over the tires frequently while riding, though. I've had pretty good luck with Contis 700x25. And I wouldn't ride a front tire with cuts in it - and any cut big enough to require a patch probably means your tire is toast.

Still Moparless...
Cuts or nicks?Kerry Irons
Jun 10, 2001 7:28 PM
Your question about "those small cuts in the tire thread" is not clear. There are threads of fabric in the casing, and those cuts are a worry point, as they may allow the tube to protrude and guarantee a flat. However, it sounds like you are talking about cuts in the rubber TREAD, and as long as they are small, those cuts are not much to worry about. If you're talking about the small 1-3mm nicks in the tread rubber you get from glass shards and stones, some people use super glue but most don't worry about it. If you're talking about larger cuts (Can you see the casing? Is any of the casing cut?) then you should boot the tire before riding and plan on replacing it soon.
re: Patching small cuts in tire thread...Lewis
Jun 10, 2001 9:04 PM
I use stuff called shoe goo to patch up those small cuts. It is stuff that you can put on the soles of tennis shoes when they start to wear through. I only use it on cuts that don't go clear through the tread and let the tire show. I have used it for about 3 years and it patches up cuts great. Once I got about a 1/2 inch cut in a brand new tire, I filled it with shoe goo and it out wore the rest of the tire.
re: Patching small cuts in tire thread...DINOSAUR
Jun 10, 2001 10:41 PM
Thanks for the tips. These are small cuts in the tire thread. I've tried super glue, but when I ride on a newly patched asphalt portion of a road, it sucks it out. The only way to get the stuff off is to give my tires a good cleaning with Simple Green once I get home and pick out the small specks of asphalt. My luck is that something always gets into the small cuts and the cut gets bigger and bigger then eventually I see the tire casing and end up chucking the tire.
I just remember reading a post a while back, perhaps VeloNews, about filling in the cuts. Incidentally they are Conti GP3000's. Perhaps my best bet is when I see the road construction signs is to made a U-turn and take another route. I've ordered new tires, just in case. Incidentally, the Conti GP3000 with the ugly yellow thread wear like iron. I just can't stand that color and they get grungy looking quick.

Hank, I'll be selling my Mopar in the future. You probably wouldn't be interested, it's a '66 and I'll be asking top dollar..